Tuesday, July 19, 2005



Image hosted by Photobucket.comI must "big up" Bomani for winning the OECS Soca Monarch 2005 in St Lucia on the weekend.Dorna,were you there? Last year Bomani hit it big with his wonderfully written and performed tribute to soca music entitled "Who Am I".I happen to think the song is close to perfection because it is so strong lyrically,vocally and the rhythm is to die for."Who am I" was a surprise hit last year as almost out of no where the song caught the nation's imagination and catapulted Bomani to winning both the Soca Monarch and Road March competitions of 2004.On the basis of his 2004 win he was eligible to take part in the 2005 OECS competition and am sure he did not disappoint the Lucian crew with the performance of his masterpiece.To listen Click here.Congrats my boy and hopefully some international label will sign you up a la Kevin Lyttle and the Nookie man Jamesy P.

On another note flash floods caused havoc in Kingstown after heavy rains caused some of the rivers leading into the city to overflow.Several business places had to hurriedly begin mop up operations while the lower wards of the main hospital had to be evacuated.Even though I knew there was considerable rain just after midday it was a shock seeing just how high the water levels were.But the good news is that nobody died and today it is back to bright skies.

Was I there? Chile do you have any idea what kind of weather they had in the park for the monarch competition? Two words for those who did go: walking pneumonia. (Besides, I had to pull an all nighter.)

But definitely "big up" to Bomani for coming to SLU and opening up a can of whoop arse. :D
Nice song, Bomani have some talent. With all that bad weather around keep dry, remember that rain boots and life jackets are the new fashion trend :)
Chile,rain is not an excuse for missing any carnival show.where is your sense of adventure?Speaking of rain-carnival 97 there was a tropical depression and we played Mardi Gras in all the thunder and rain.It was one of the best Mardi Gras I ever had seeing we had the street to ourselves.

Rainboots are rather fashionable:)
no rain can stop this jam!
Whatever you say...only jammin I doin when it rain is to pillowtalk and bed rock disco.
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