Sunday, July 31, 2005


Breakfast With The Arts

This morning we go on location to the West Indies to discover the arts and culture of the Caribbean islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Featured in today's special program are a fifty-member strong local dance company, steel drum and soca musicians and singers, artists, model boat builders, plus an inside look at Vincy Mas, the colorful carnival that captivates the entire country each year.(from

It was good-even if I say so myself.The island looked breathtakingly beautiful and my boy Bomani and my mas band Digicel Nelson Bloc represented well.I was kinda surprised Kevin Lyttle did not even feature,maybe he not in some body good books.One slight criticism was the fact that they did not showcase more local Vincentian artists-too much emphasis on artists who have made SVG their home.But all in all a good feature.If you missed it a repeat programme will air on A&E on Sept 3rd.

I will try to rememeber to look out for it.
You know I'll remind you:)
It was a good show. I liked the bequia artists. thanks for telling me about the show
I love the soubnd of the steele drum! *sighs wishing she was on somebody's island right about now*
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