Saturday, July 16, 2005


Am It

I've been tagged by Soli .Here goes

Ten years ago
I had just entered my final year of High School.Dreaded the upcoming CXC's so much that I was sick for most of the year.I was certain I was going to grow up and marry this certain young man.Me and my best friend were inseparable

5 years ago
The year of personal loss and heartbreak.That's all am going to say

One year ago
Got called up for my present job

Had to convince my friend there was no storm aftermath so she ought to go to work.My longtime friend came in from NY

Had a doctor's appt.Then I went for lunch with my best male friend and then we idled around Kingstown

May go to see Mr and Mrs Smith.

Five snacks I enjoy
Corn chips
Corn curls
Honey Roasted Peanuts

Five Bands/singers that I know the lyrics of most of their songs
Bob Marley
Whitney Houston
Alicia Keys
R kelly
Brian McKnight
Ok I just put anything that came to my mind.

Things I would do with 1000.000.000
Buy my own house
Help some displaced children
Of course those close to me will share my fortune

Five Locations I'd like to run away to
Palm Island in the Grenadines

Five Bad habits I have
Always sucking my teeth
Buying shoes I do not need
I don't want y'all to laugh at me so the others will remain unmentioned

Five things I like doing
Writing my thoughts
Watching Tv
Going to the beach

Five things I would never wear
This is kinda hard but lemme try
1.pants with writing on the back e.g bootylicious or some such crap
2.earring in my nose, navel etc
3.those skimpy least not in public
That's all I can think of now

Five tv shows I like
Queer as Folk
Six feet Under
Law and Order
Cold Case
Gilmore Girls

Five Movies I like
Lion King
Color Purple
Usual Suspects
A Few Good Men

Five famous people I'd like to meet
Honestly I cannot come up with five as am generally not starstruck
Nelson Mandela
Orlando Bloom
Maya Angelou

Five biggest joys at the moment
My job.It is frustrating most of the times but its my passion
Love of friends and family
Just being back in SVG
OK ,so I couldn't find 5

Five favorite toys
can only think of 3
Dvd player
The computer
cellphone..for the games and ringtones

Tag,you're it!

Anyone of you who wanna run with it.

tag me
Hahaha you like to eat corn curls? I haven't eaten that in ages I will buy a pack today and it it just because you mentioned it in your blog. OK I'm it!
"Of course those close to me will share my fortune"

Good to know. I'll be waiting for my cheque. :D
Run with it ,Swags!
Dorna,we'll have some Pitons at Rodney Bay:)
I eat too much corn curls for my own good but than am a junk food addict.
The Usual Suspects is a great movie.
wait so does that mean you're not bootylicious? we're disappointed :-( could I forget Mr. Mandela? I'm such a goof!!

And I agree with you 'bout those close dat say "JUICY" pon di battam. Pure foolishness.
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