Friday, June 24, 2005


Vincy Mas Officially begins

Mas.Action.Thrills and Vibes-that's the slogan that signals the official start of Vincy Mas 2005.Tonight is the Calypsio semi finals where 10 persons will be chosen to come up against reigning monarch Princess Monique.As usual there is the accustomed controversy regarding who should or should not have been selected.I have not listened to much of the songs so am not in a position to really comment.It's definitely not my favorite show because it is really taxing to listen to 20 calypsonians doing two numbers especially as most of them normally have only one song of note.Yes,am getting old because these things interest me less these days.

My carnival,depending on my mood begins next weekend with the Soca Monarch on Saturday,Jouvert and the Mardi GrasImage hosted by
This is a shot of Mardi Gras and yeah am in the picture but you have to figure out which one I am:)

u are either the one standing behind the line...with some white cloth in the hand

or the one from infront of the line from 2nd left :p
LOL Girl they sure give y'all alot to wear for Vincy Mas. I swear one of the costumes being offered up this year consists of a thong, a miniscule bra verging on demi-cup and a foot high feather head dress. Three hundred dollars for underwear. You get to buy your own glitter dust.
i think you is the sistren deyso in the white
Yeah, yeah, you either the girl second or third from the left wining up you waist! ;-)

Enjoy it! Dr. D.
Pink costume. Big hoop earrings.
Well, I doh know which one you are but I know which one I HOPE you are... ;-)
Come on Mad bull..who u hoping:)
Looks like fun!
my eyesight not too wonderful but centre picture is my guess
so which one is you?
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