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Theme song of your life

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Put your birth date and find out what was the no 1 song when you were born.It is supposed to be the theme of your life according to this friend who forwarded it.Mine is Good times by Chic(never heard of the song or artiste) and it definitely has not been the theme of my life.

Hmmmmmmmm, clearly you're idle on this 7th day of June.

Someone(YOU) told me that the No 1 song on the day i was born was "Starting Over" by John Lennon.

Have to say that's pretty interesting because i always feel like i need to get a fresh start in life, anytime i "goof" up real bad i say to myself "devin, you dumb $kunt, you need to start over."

It's strange how people started dying around the time i was born; Lennon died a month before i was born and Robert Nesta passed away 4 months after i was born.
Am very idle this 7th of June.I have a day off(technically i.e) and West Indies done lost the game.So what else is there to do but annoy a few souls? Question,how did the dying thing elude you?
Guess i'm just special, as are most January-born people, especially January 11th.
family affair - sly and the family stones. not a bad choice I guess.

windies get beat like they stole something, all we worldrated top batsmen couldnt get past 10 runs a piece.
Hi Abeni!

Love it! My aunt is so disappointed it starts 1952 :-)

Green Door - Shakin' Stevens

What the??? That's for July 28th, 1981.

Never even did hear a it! lol
i love it! mine is feb 5, 80...michael jasckon....rock with you. i'm gonna link it to my site!!!
good times! (bump bump...)
these. are. the good times! (bump bump...)

leave your cares behind (bump bump...)

you've never heard it?
i'm sure you have... just never really penetrated your conscience is all... it's a good tune. funky.
happy bday btw...

@ soli: that song is a good one. it's an oldie, but goodie.

on my bday (sep 23 1974):
KUNG FU FIGHTING - carl whatshisname (UK)
ROCK ME GENTLY - andy kim (ne'er heard of it)
Marlo,now I think I know it and guess what I know both your hit songs:)
I'm Telling you Now by Freddie and the Dreamers..... Never heard of them. The UK one was even worse....

West Indies still have a cricket team?? Last time I watched that game Sir Garfield was still playing.
Allyuh ever hear about "Stroking" by Clarence Carter?

My song is "Torn Between Two Lovers"...It does sort of reflect my life up to this point [tsk,tsk,tsk]
Three Times A Lady - The Commodores

never heard this song :)
I have heard most of these songs...so either you guys don't enjoy a likkle ole skool music or as Angelica says (on the Rugrats) de babies, nah ah ain't telling what they said was topping the charts when I was born because I have not heard of the artiste much less the song can I say 1 hit wonder!! ah love your top of the day/week tunes though, listen to the oldies a little more LOL
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