Saturday, June 11, 2005


Rodney "Chang" Jack Appeal

Image hosted by The St Vincent Football Federation has launched a benefit appeal for arguably one of the finest footballers produced by this country.Chang Jack, according to the Federation's release was released from his club Oldham,because injuries he sustained in this country's WC qualifying game vs Mexico prevented him from being available for his club duties.In an interview earlier this year Chang spoke of his frustration

"I damaged the medial ligament in my knee while on international duty with St Vincent for a World Cup qualifier against Mexico in October, and it has been an uphill struggle. The ligament seemed okay, but then I got another injury.Now I'm hoping to play in a reserve team game against Stockport County on Wednesday.After that I will be pushing to get my place back in the first team.I came to Oldham with high hopes and it has been a very frustrating time for me."

So the Federation is promoting the sale of Vincy Heat(SVG football team) shirts with all proceeds going to the now unemployed Chang Jack.I think its a commendable effort and a way of saying thanks to Chang for representing Vincyland well.Vincy people,go out and buy the shirts!

On another note this blog got its 10000th hit today-something I had predicted would happen approximately one year after I started.Well,I got there 2 months earlier than predicted so am celebrating my little milestone.

pretty sad to hear about rodney jack.

on another note congrats on your 10000 visit. ya real popular
Congrats on your personal milestone... hummuch for thr jersey anyway?
$50 EC or about $19 US
Congrats on the milestone. Lets hope I can follow suit with my blog too.

What a way Digicel a spread its wings. They're even going into Haiti now.
wow, sorry to hear that about Chang. I grew in the same area "bottom town" St.Vincent as him. Knew him as a kid, and he was always light years ahead of everyone else. Oddly enough I more remember him for the fact that he could do a hand stand and walk forever. He was always physically gifted

Chang was and is truly a gifted player , coming from a soccer talented family . As a fellow player that played alongside Rodney for the National Side , i'm trying to track his career which seems to be wining down. Hey Chang just letting you know that your talent is alwayz welcomed back home . Take care bro.......
Dexter W
hi, good site very much appreciatted
Well done. i admired Chang you and we played together 1-1 where i learnt some skills. You were my idol. So gifted and amazing and i have lots of respect for you. All the best. I ALWAYS WONDERED WHERE YOU WERE AND WHAT YOU WERE UP TO UNTIL TODAY -20/08/13 I FOUND YOU ON THIS POST, ACTUALLY RESIDING IN THE SAME OVERSEAS COUNTRY.

---- SNOWY---
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