Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Not Guilty

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With those words Michael Jackson walked out of court a free man, or free from charges of child molestation. On the other hand he remains trapped in a world of self loathing that saw him mutilate his body and one where he refuses to grow up.

Although freed of legal charges the "victory" comes at a  price. Jackson, now has the daunting task of trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild his life away from the media portrayal of  him as a pedophile.Yet another chapter in a turbulent life.

Love him or hate him there is really no happy ending here.Pretty sad commentary for one  of the musical geniuses  of our time.Nothing else left to be said.

he avoided jail so i hope he's learned his lesson.
i say he should just keep his tail quiet and become a recluse
true words Kami..enuff said.
MJ should thank God that the boy's mother was a worse candidate for idiot award than he was....otherwise different story. Heck, him better nah even mek him own pickney dem sleep in his bed now. Some people need to be punished for their degree of stupidity...paid out $20 million, never touch the bwoy and never learn nutten!!!!!
He can't help it...He'll be in the news again in a few yrs for the same foolishness. That is what happens when you had no childhood and your family head is in the clouds. That whole family needs help.
And on a brighter note:
'Appy Webloggers' Day. :)
He damn lucky...frankly, I think if he went to jail he would have committed suicide.

MJ needs serious psychological evaluation...he looked a wreck walking out that courthouse. Dr. D.
I hope him stop hang wid pickney now, thats all!
I dont like this person. He should just stay away from media so that the society doesnt have to hear from him ever again!
Someone needs to administer a stiff and severe buggah in Michael's rear end.
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