Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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Sometimes the news can be unintentionally amusing.A few days ago I heard about this one time lover of Picasso who was selling sketches done by him. Laporte, now 79, told The Associated Press in an interview this month that she kept the sketches Picasso gave her in a safe because she was worried about thieves -- but now was ready to part with them."I'm at the end of my road," she said.I can't help but wonder why didn't she sell them and spend some of the money before getting to "the end of the road"

I'd be lying if I didn't say how much I enjoyed the recent war of words between Prime Ministers Gonsalves of SVG and Owen Arthur of Bdos.First up was Owen Arthur saying there is a lack of urgency on the part of the Vincy govt in preventing Vincy marijuana from flooding Bdos.He went on to say or imply that due to the failure of the banana based economy Vincies had turned to expanded marijuana cultivation.Then it was Gonsalves turn who responded by saying that the Govt and people of SVG were insulted by the comments etc etc.Then there were some more cross talk across the media waves.As a rule I don't agree with a lot of what Gonsalves has to say but his final succinct comment that it was a case of supply and demand had me in stiches.

And then there was the shark attack in the US.It's really not a funny story but it brings to mind the dog bites man/man bites dog scenario.Every year we eat thousands of fish but when a shark takes a liking for human flesh it becomes big news.You see how life unfair especially when we are the ones who venture into the shark's territory:)

Finally,Whitney and Bobby having a reality show.This one too sad to be funny.

I dont know bout anybody else but Gonsalves is my candidate for MVP Prime Minister in CARICOM. He's the only one that ever seems to have anything meaningful (and original) to say in the way of idea's concerning the development and integration of the region as a whole.
Being a Bajan, I gine gotta stick up fuh Owen...but yuh know how CARICOM politics go..cuss out each other in public, but when yuh sittin in de veranda wid a rum, de two politicians does talk and negotiate in private. De matter is if de vincys doan supply, den de Bajans would be looking else where and if de Bajans stop looking den de Vincys won't supply. basic economm,ic, i say :-))
me again...Whitney and Bobby in a reality show...say it ein are right, too sad to be funny. The whole reality show bit in the US is totally out of control.
strangely enuff this was one of the few times i actually thought that owen said something i could back.
The Bobby and Whitney thing is a reality show in itself....those two are just plain pld messed up
No doubting that Gonsalves stands out with the regional integration and I give him full marks for it too. Camp and Jdid,Ralph correct because if there was no demand for it Vincy marijuana won't be going there.Ironically,after all the talk Bajans intercepted million dollar hauls coming from Columbia and some other place.
Well you all will be happy to note that Owen and Ralph won't be cussing each other out when they meet here in SLU. Apparently Owen's decided he not going to say a word on the flap.
I find the whole supply and demand argument hilarious. The U.S. has been dealing with the issue forever and a lot of arguments are put up on both sides. So to see this topic arise between two Caribbean countries tickles my funny bone.

As for Whitney and Bobby; its about time, dem life already a reality show. Though I feel that the notion that someone has to have a halo over their head to be a Diva is foolishness. Power to Whitney if she is enjoying the life she is living.
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