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It is amazing how one and their friends can have drama over relatively simple things.My latest drama revolves around a cell phone and credit. I am at home minding my own business when my friend calls out to ask me if I have credit on my phone.Yes, I reply.Post Paid or Flex was the next question.Funny question was my immediate thought but nevertheless I answered.Anyway she asked if she could borrow my phone to leave a message for a friend.That's fine with me so I go get the phone and hand it over to her.

About 30 minutes later she returns with the phone busily trying to see the credit balance.When I look at the phone it cost me $ 6.00 for her to just leave a message and left me little over $ 1.00 remaining.Her excuse was that she was on hold while the other person went to do something.Of course it never dawned on her to hang up,assuming of course that her story is true.Then she decides to take the righteous approach simply because am not at all impressed by her explanation.

Anway,the story gets rewritten and I am cast as the villain which I find to be quite ironic.For my part am just thankful it wasn't post paid.But isn't it funny that sometimes you help persons and end up getting the worst end of the deal? Not that $6.00 is going to kill me but apparently it is too much to expect others to be considerate.

There's this saying, cynical but often true "No good deed goes unpunished".

Your's is one of my favourite blogs. I read from Jamaica.
Thanks for your comments,anon.
Whats the rate of exchange between your dollar and the $US? With that knowledge, I can see if you are justifiably aggrieved, or if you're complaining for nothing. As an example, if your credit was J$6, well, if somebody used off J$5 of it, thats nothing, because J$5 is next to nothing. That would be the cost of maybe a minute or so...
Still, if she was on the phone for half an hour, she wicked for true. Were I you and that were the case, I would borrow her phone and call my long lost friends in Australia. Maybe you should do that for real. Give it some thought.
I am at Australia haha :D
well friends are friends.. so .. I dunno what to say. I guess you just have to weed out the bad crops from the good ones :)
No,she wasn't using it for half hour as that would mean zero credit remaining.It costs abt 70 cts to make a cell call i.e if you are calling the same Company.Also,you get charged by the ratio of time you actually stay on the phone.In effect it took about 7 minutes to deliver a message
7 mins is not a message, it's a conversation.
It is often 'simple' stuff that cause arguments or misunderstanding between friends. And yes, is often the party that means well that get shafted. Just deal with it and get over it Kami.

The male way will be to tell each other some dutty claats and then in a few minutes you knocking fists and drinking liquor again
;-) Take it easy. Dr. D.
ya too nice doan lend she the phone again
Abeni...dat ah we vincy peeps fuh true, use yuh ting up den mad like you do she something. Mi granny used to say bird does fuhget but trap don't....she go soon reach back she time
That sucks! She was definitely in the wrong. Your story just reminded me of the episode of Sex and the City (reruns) that I watched yesterday, where Carrie discovered that her $485 Manolos had been stolen. Her friend acted as if it was no big deal. In he end Carrie figured out a way to get her friend to replace the shoes. So, I just told you all of that because I think you shold make her pay. 6.00 might not break the bank, but why should you have to pay the fee? Real friends don't take advantage of friends!
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