Friday, June 17, 2005


Embarrassing moment

You are at a function or walking down the street and someone comes up to you and starts a conversation.As the conversation progresses you realise that the person knows you.But try as you might you cannot put a name to the face or even remember where you met them.

Such was my fate yesterday afternoon as I was heading home.There were a group of young ladies standing at this pharmacy and I thought one looked vaguely familiar.As I passed by she called me by name and started a convo that left no doubt I knew her in some previous life.So am keeping my end of the conversation as general as possible and hoping she doesn't realise I really do not remember her.Then as we part ways,she says "we should really stay in touch".

And am thinking can my embarrasment get any worse because at this point I can't let on that am totally clueless as to who she is. Then your brain won't let go and hours after you are still trying feverishly to pull something out of the old memory box.Frustrating,ent it? If any of you had similiar experiences,how did you deal with them?

It depends, sometimes I will ask but if you pretend at the start you have to continue to the end. Actually usually I'm the one being forgotten and I find it quite funny, it happened to me with a guy from school about a month ago, went up to him and started chatting and then it was clear he had no idea who i was
Happens, all the time. Early onset senility, don't you know?

If I can bluff my way through it, I do; ever since I made the near fatal mistake a few years ago and admitted that my memory had failed me. Girl, my stuck-up self, got a tongue lashing you wouldn't believe.

That's why now, whenever I go out, I wear a disguise.
Means you have been here a previous life!! Of which you have no memory circuits! :-) Just a joke.

It happens all the time. I usually get honest and admit to the person that I am not remembering and ask them to kindly refresh my memory. In most cases, once they see that you're sincere, it should be all fine. Dr. D.
my job is my helper and keeper. I have so many names to remember and match to faces that I just usually tell you outright that I honestly can't remember. Even forgot one of my cousins he said the name I kicked myself....
This actually just happened to me the other day also. I was hoping that the person would give me a verbal clue but no go. By that point it was too late to ask who he was and I had to bluff my way through. Spent the next 3 hours trying to figure out who it was but no dice.
I was just on the receiving end. Jamiacan yout that went university with me, went to the man hail him up start chatting and then he call me gerald lol
I'm the worst with names/faces, so I always ask!
Yeah, that stuff is awful, innit? I still remember clearly when I said hit to this woman, told her she looked familiar and askeed her where I jknew her before and she said "Ra$$, you slept wid me las' nite!".

No, I was just kidding. I don't forget people, I forget names...

Er... whose blog is this again? I know I know the person, but...
Well, I have to say that I have a general tendancy to forget mens name and faces--however, I have no problem remembering the ladies...must be something to do with the fact that I went to an all-boys school :D
hi abeni :)
yeep it happens with me too.. hehe...i guess it is cause our brain cant remember all allways
well talking of embarrasing moments, I had one last night... didnt I ;). When will u be online again?

by the way, Bangladesh wins :D
I not even going to ask what happened last night:)and congrats to Bang,huge win!
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yes huge win.. We needed one.. especially after some started saying how Bangladesh should be stripped of its Test Status and what not....

By the way, I am sorry ABeni. Let us talk when we are online ok :). When will u be online?
I always tell them sorry, but mi getting old, the face is familiar but i just cant remember the name. then ii smile sweetly.

my problem is that I travel around the region often enough, so have met many people. when i see a familiar face, i have to first try and figur eout context, so what island is the person from, under what circumstnaces did i eme teh person.
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