Thursday, June 09, 2005


Celebrating the Youth

That was the theme of the National Education Rally held at the Arnos Vale Playing Field on Tuesday.Now,whether or not you are a fan of this country's government( and Dr Gonsalves in particular )credit must be given for the increased emphasis that is being placed on education.Since coming into office in 2001 the Govermnent has been creating avenues for more persons to access tertiary education and come this September all the children who sat the Common Entrance will be placed in secondary schools.Before I forget all students who gain 5 CXC passes-Maths or English must be one and 2 A level passes will get $500 EC compliments the Govt of SVG.I think I was born too early.

Now,the latter is by no means fool proof because God knows that some of the children are definitely not up to the standard and there is no remedial teaching available in the said secondary schools.But five years from now we will see how successful the experiment was,although I think more emphasis should be placed on the primary schools.

Having said that there was much to celebrate at the rally.We all know that the youths get a bad rap,some deservedly, but very rarely are they commended when they get it right.And a lot of them do get it right only to have the deviant ones grab the limelight.

So this blog salutes Shermalon Kirby and Halimah Deshong- 2004 valedictorians at UWI and Cave Hill respectively,Kamal Wood, 2004 top CXC student regionally,Sophia Young,Sancho Lyttle and Kennike Alexander for making a name for themselves in Basketball and Athletics,Geneille Greaves,Alston Bobb and Luke Browne for showing that cricket and higher education are not mutually exclusive,Kiokya for being Miss Digicel Rising star,Bomani,Kevin and all the other youngsters who are being the best that they can.May you all inspire your peers to keep on striving.

Congrats to de yute dem yes! Where do they hail from, Abeni?
Vincy Yutes,MB.
Congrats to your countrymen Kami. May they continue to do well and have a country proud of them.
but wait svg stan so? wow, niceness den. respect due to all de youts
I would love to communicate with members of the kinship of Campbell, Friday, Sancho, and Young of St. Vincent, Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana. Thereby perhaps, linking them, perhaps, as they were in Barbados prior to migrations to British Guiana, the USA, UK, and Panama and elsewhere on earth. I need to be enlightened relative to Lyttle – are they members of the kinship of Sancho of St. Vincent. Do you have and/or will you share with me accurate data pin-pointing the locations and/or addresses of members of the kinship of Sancho in St. Vincent at this minute? Also I would love to communicate with Nelson King, the columnist and the good folks of Chateaubelair, Layou, Spring Village and elsewhere in St. Vincent- will you assist? Email:
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