Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Violence in Schools

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The face of violence in schools-20 yr old Keba Charlery who was attacked by a student after she tried to discipline him.

General Secretary of the Saint Lucia Teacher's Union Wayne Cumberbatch says it is time to follow through on a provision by the Education Act that allows for students with behavioural issues leading to violence against themselves, other students and teachers to be housed in an institution designed to adequately respond to their special needs.

Cumberbatch was responding to last Friday's assault by a fourteen year old male student on his twenty year old female teacher which resulted in her sustaining injuries including a fractured nose.

The student has since been arrested and charged with assault. He says the Teacher's union is never pleased when these incidents occur and that they have worked with the Ministry of Education to ensure that there are counselors available to effectively deal with such troubled students.

Meanwhile, leader of the Organization for National Empowerment Sarah Flood-Beaubrun says such problems in the schools are directly linked to the decay of social and moral fiber in the country.

The SLTU says their monthly meeting with the Ministry of Education will examine some more suggestions and solutions to curbing future incidents of school violence.

Nothing left to say besides schools are fast becoming a war zone.Students turn up with their weapons(knives,icepicks etc) and a bottle or two make quite handy ones.There was an incident at my former school where a teacher spoke to a student about the use of a cell phone during classes only to have the gun toting boyfriend turn up to defend his girl.Very crazy times to be in a classrom.

well you best be careful in the classroom if not the blog posse might gotta come down an defend ya.

juss keep too big rocks in ya purse juss in case
Girl, ah tell, yuh long gone are the days of children being children and schools being a secure place to teach and learn.

I does wonder why dees hoolugan children does even bother tuh waste the teachers, other students and their own time for..cause dem ein really wanna be in school
OMG, that's so sad!Kids are just spiraling out of control!
Children really out of control indeed.Lots of blame to go around-parents,society etc.Unfortunately children losing their way.
Like I said in a recent not school children school man and woman. I really doubt I could teach dem waywards of today...cause we would come to some serious blows as I doh put up wid the rubbish from dem at all.

Careful is all I can say. And yes, like JDid seh, we have shottas here in de blog posse on de quiet. And we look afta we own! Awoah! ;-) Dr. D.
Yes I, we will come to your rescue if need be! I will be behind Jdid and the Doc when we rush the little ruffians. That way I get to do the take down after Jdid and the Doc pick up the shots :-)
Lol@MB.Come in when the wuk done yes:)Now I know where to call when I need some shottas
Sad times fi real Kami. The children simply living what they learn. Be careful.
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