Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Thought for Today

You are first of all a human. That gives you a ceratin amount of power.You are not limited in how you express your humanness; you are limited by the labels you choose to describe it. Men do this;Women do that.....Blacks like one thing, Asians like the other....Native Americans are proud,Latinos are rowdy.These views and labels limit the self and set up expectations from others.

You are never too old or too young,rich or poor,too much of a man or woman to think.You can be anything and everything you think you can be when you don't think yourself into a book.You must keep reminding yourself that you are more than a body.You are more than an image.You are more than the things you have told yourself about yourself. You are a spirit expressing as a human being. And that, my dear is unlimited.

Iyanla Vanzant:Acts of Faith

iin other words dont pigeon hole yourself
Hi Kami, I can see the point here.
nice words :)
Nice. Dr. D.
Very nice, Kam. I need to get up to step with my Iyanla workbook. :)
Insightful ^_^
That's a powerful thought! It comes at just the right time!
I think I missed that part in the book. It's time to pull it out and dust it off for another read.
Good Stuff to ponder
Yup the book is great.Check it out again
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