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Thank you,Sister Pat

Last night this country lost one of its premier educators in the person of Sister Patricia Ann Douglas.The Principal of the St Joseph's Convent Marriaqua-one of the island's leading schools had gone to Barbados to visit her sister only to die tragically in a road accident.The 59 year old Sister Pat,sister of the late Dominican Prime Minister Rosie Douglas died instantly while her two sisters remain in a critical condition at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital,Barbados.

Sister Pat headed the St Joseph's Convent Marriaqua for 24 years and earned a reputation as a firm, no nonsense yet compassionate Head Teacher.Never afraid to speak her mind she was quite vocal on issues affecting school children and ways to improve the educational system.She had a vision for her school which included acquiring science laboratories-and accomplished it was.Two years ago the top performer at local level hailed from the St Joseph's Convent Marriaqua-no mean feat for a rural school to beat out the more accomplished schools like the Girls' High School and the St Vincent Grammar School.

Sister Pat dared to defy the long held tradition that girls who got pregnant while at school had to be expelled.She believed in the concept of second chances and in the education of young women.So she created history by allowing students to return to school after delivery.Am still not sure if any other schools have followed her lead-definitely not the Govt ones.But who knows,maybe it is not too far off.

Rest in Peace Sister Pat.We will miss you

She sounds like Sr. Maureen Clare who used to run Immaculate Conception H.S. in Jamaica... all except that bit about pregnant girls coming back after delivery, that is...

In Jamaica, I think the girls can go on to another school though... I don't think they would stop her from doing that if she wanted to
In St Vincent one you get pregnant in school that is the end of your education.Well,some would try to go to St Joseph's Convent M'qua.But seeing as it is a private school I don't think many get in
rest in peace sister douglas
Rest in peace Sister Pat and I wish a speedy and full recovery to the other two sisters.

This family has had a few deaths in the last few years. I guess that happens when you come from a huge huge family like this one, with the children getting on in age.

My sympathies to the Douglas Family.
How tragic. The caribbean seems to be loosing a lot of it's good educators recently. Barbados just lost two.

One of my fears and concerns in Barbados is the increasing amount of road fatalities.
Agree with what Bull said about Sr. Maureen Clare.

Sorry to hear about really unpredictable. Dr. D.
In 2003, after reading my book, I Say A Prayer for Me, sent to her from the U.S. by her friend and former student, Ann-Marie Lee-Wilkins, Sister Pat invited me to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to share my testimony with youth and women. She opened her heart to me and led by the Holy Spirit, she coordinated talks for me at schools, women, men, and youth gatherings, as well as interviews on radio and SVG-TV.

On May 5, 2005, I returned to your blessed islands, gave talks and had the opportunity to spend more time with Sister Pat--including lunch on Young Island on Monday, May 16. I just returned to US Monday, May 23.

Yes, I thank God for Sister Pat! A vibrant, bold, joyful, wise, generous, brilliant, warm, beloved, free, and anointed woman of God--who gracefully walked out the scriptures in her daily life. I thank God for my time with her and we who are, in Christ Jesus, know that we will see her again one day and never have to say goodbye...for to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. (2 Corinthians 5:8).

Stanice Anderson, Author, Speaker, and Friend
I have posted a tribute to Sister Pat, complete with photos I took during my last visit. Stanice Anderson's website
Thanks for passing by. I read about your book etc in the newspaper.Sad story but you triumphed-happy for that.Those are some lovely photos of Sister Pat,she will realy be missed
My name is Matt Hilgaertner, and I am a former U.S. Peace Corps maths teacher who worked under Sister Pat from July 1991 to July 1993 at what was then known as "Marriaqua Secondary School". I am very sad (and shocked) to learn of Sister Pat's death, but am grateful to know she's now with the Lord Jesus. I know she's happy, and so we can be happy for her! What an amazing woman of God she was, and I am blessed to have known her. It's comforting to know that those who are in Christ will one day be reunited once again. So until that time comes, let us celebrate Sister Pat's life and faith. I will fondly remember my friend, mentor, prayer partner, and sister in Christ. Those of you who remember me, please feel free to email me: I would especially enjoy hearing from colleagues Ms. Jennifer Browne, Mr. Ian Powell, Ms. Maria Deane, and Ms. Cassie-Ann Abbott. I am now living with my wife and two sons in Portland, Oregon, and have been a Presbyterian Pastor since 1997. Check out my church's website ( I still keep in touch with Ezbon Robertson and Fazlur Shalim, for those of you who remember them. They are both married and have one child each. God bless, Matt Hilgaertner.
I had the privilege of knowing Sr. Pat when I attended the Marriaqua Secondary School now known as the St. Josephs Convent Marriaqua. The news of her sudden death was very hard to 'come to terms' with. Since hearing of her death, I spent the last couple of days reflecting on my time at school and speaking to fellow classmates. Each have their own memory of Sr. Pat as she touched all of us in various ways. Sr. Pat was a very strong yet humble woman. I personally give credit to her for the morals and values she instilled in during the time I was one of her students. I particularly remember her strong form of discipline. She was so well respected that one of the ways to get the class or school quiet you just had to hear the words "Look Sister." We would scatter to our seats and often open a book at which time as they say 'you can hear a pin drop.' I can go on with stories but I will stop here.
Sr. Pat I am a better person for having known you. Thank you for your years of service to St. Vincent and the Grenadines especially the community of Marriaqua. Gone to soon but not forgotten. Rest in Peace.
Indeed Sister Pat's presence in St. Vincent and the Grenadines contributed greatly to the lives of many young people. This was seen in the way she dealt firmly with the students who were entrusted in her care. One past student reminded me that at the end of a session in which you were disciplined by Sister Pat,you were expected to say "thank you", regarless of how severe the punisment seemed at the time. I was fortunate to speak with her at length during my last visit to SVG. Thus I am convice that although we may shed tears because she is gone and our hearts maybe empty because we cannot see her, the Sister Pat that I knew will want us to cheerish her memory and let it live on. And most importantly she will want us to smile, open our eyes, love and go on. Thank you Sister Pat for living such an exemplary life.
The ultimate beauty of life is to have a positive impact on the people you come into contact with.Sister Pat has done so.As a past student, my first impression of Sister Pat was STERN. Indeed, she was. Yet,full of love and compassion for all.Sister Pat was a woman of authority. Just the sight of her veil was enought to create 'The calm after a storm effect in any noisey classroom'.Her goal was to help the students develop their potential.Thus, she offered her students a well balanced education that promoted their physical, moral and spiritual growth. One of her famous quotation was "B-is for books and not for boys".
I will always remember the soul searching retreats at the Convent.These are testimonies of the fact that sister was a woman of God.
Sister Pat has been a blessing to the Vincentian community. She's gone but not forgotten. I will always sing her favorite song, 'ALL I ASK OF YOU IS FOREVER TO REMEMBER ME AS LOVING YOU.
I met Sr. Pat 12 years ago when she encouraged me to come to COR, we instantly hit it off and I have never missed a COR since as she and I worked as co-ordinators. I remember our last COR in June last year. She was not in the best of health and she asked the Youth Director to contact me and ask if I would be able to come and do it, my words were " I can never say no to God and Sr. Pat". I am truly happy to have known her and she shall me greatly missed. Deepest Sympathy to the Douglas family. May she rest in peace.
I was a former student of sister pat who was not only a mentor but a mom to many of us. She will greatly be missed and I am proud to have known her.My sympathies goes out to her family and friends. Love forever anette
A new organization has formed to continue the legacy of our precious "Sister Pat." It's named Patsy Douglas' Youth Empowerment Foundation. Visit for press release, mission and vision statements, slide show...etc.
I was privileged to know the humorous side of sister Pat;to listen and laugh at her jokes.To see her without her 'veil'. Sister Pat, still when I see you I see that cheeky smile.Keep smiling from your Father's arms.I love you always.
Debbie P
Still remember meeting Sis Pat in her hometown, Portsmouth, Dominica and hanging out with her briefly (circa 1992). She was so sweet and full of practical wisdom. I sensed she loved young people and I loved the way she humanized the sisterhood; she was actually funny and you could relax around her.
Just read about Mother Delores Hart and got to thinking about Sis Pat.
Trevor Ducreay.
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