Sunday, May 01, 2005


Runaway Bride

It was supposed to be Jennifer Wilbanks’ wedding day — an elaborate affair in suburban Georgia with 600 invited guests and 14 bridesmaids and 14 groomsmen.

Instead, the bride-to-be was sobbing into a pay phone outside an Albuquerque 7-Eleven, alone and broke, as she concocted a story about kidnappers and a blue van. She later admitted that pre-wedding jitters led her to leave home without her keys and wallet, creating a mystery that left her family in anguish for days.

Wilbanks, 32, was picked up by police after a cross-country bus trip that took her through Las Vegas to Albuquerque, where she eventually admitted her disappearance was voluntary.(Assoc Press Report)

I have heard of pre wedding jitters but was it really necessary to go to those lengths?First of all you create havoc in the minds of your loved ones who would be at their wits end trying to come to grips with the situation. Not to mention wasting the police time following up on a non existent kidnapping case.How irresponsible and self centred!

Then she identifies her "kidnappers" as a Hispanic man and a white woman.God alone knows how many Hispanics were pulled over.It makes me remember the Susan Smith case where she claimed her children were abducted by a black man only to later confess to drowning them herself. Why for once it can't be a non minority cast as a felon? I suppose it is outside the realms of possibility to contemplate that a non minority will be involved in something so heinous.

Not sure what the law is but I hope they charge her for misrepresenting facts.Maybe,it will make others think twice about doing something similar.If you have cold feet talk about it instead of running.

ya gone too far now, ya tief my post :-)
yep this reminds me of the susan smith case for sure. We had a similar story up here with some small town councilwoman who ended up in las vegas. came back and told her husband she had been abducted and drugged. turns out she was down there having an affair with some other fella. I believe they charged her with some offense.
You know, just last night I had dinner at a bredrin's house and he was waxing eloquently on this issue... He suggested that if a black woman had done the same thing, she'd be in Alcatraz by now! I kinda think hes right.

Still, let me tell you an even better one! I know a man who was married to a woman for more than 20 years. She started to have an affair with another man and woman (yeh, a man and a woman, a threesome type of relationship) and she sold everything (well, most of it) and sent all the money to the Cayman Islands. When her husband found out, she went to the police and falsely reported that he had beat her, and she tolds them that he was a sympathiser of binLaden.

Now the man worked in a sensitive position in a nuclear power company, so they took her suggestion very seriously indeed! They locked the man up in jail for three to four months while they thoroughly checked him out. Byt the time the rude yute got out, the woman had completed her conversion of all their assets to cash and she had flashed the scene. The man is broke now!

Couldn't she just have said, "Mi bredda, this ting nah work. Lets split things up and you go your way, and I go mine.". As far as I have heard, she got away scot clean! Sometimes you might be persuaded to say to yourself "There is no justice in the world!".
No justice at all.I can't understand why people would do all that when you could simply sit down and talk.Anyway what you habd out you will get back.So that woman will get hers sooner or later
EEDIAT!!!!!!!!! Dats what she is. Yes, she should be charged.

Now, I thought of the same black woman issue. But, thinking about it again, no sensible well thinking Caribbean woman would do the argument done.

MB, that woman you refer to is evil...I won't bother to type what I would like to have done to her if I was the hubby. Not even Bin Laden's crew would suffice! Dr. D.
Cold feet or no cold feet ....lock her up and charge her for wasting people time and energy and money. Yuh know how many other people went unprotected because police were tied up looking for her. eeddiat ting dat.
Lock she tuh hell up...she could just leff de man at de alter and call it a day. Why involve de police... but yuh know the history that every kidnapper or attacker of a white woman is always a black or hispanic man. Neva mind that all de serial killers in de U.S are white men wid de exception ah dem two idiots in D.C two yrs ago.

M. Bull, that woman ein really get way scotch free. She conscience holding she hostage, and the other man and woman probaby gone and leff she. She time coming.
I say to LOCK HER UP!!!! LOCK HER crazy ass up!!!
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