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Rest In Peace

It is always painful when someone dies tragically and even more so when the person is so very young.When I returned from Barbados the first bit of news I got was that 19 year old Jason Punnett(of my community)had lost his life when his jeep ran off the road in Kingstown.Jason died on the spot and the other 4 occupants of the jeep-his cousins,girlfriend and a friend remain in critical condition.
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The accident is considered to be one of the worst in recent times and people are still amazed that they all did not die on the spot.One individual, who happened to witness the incident, searched for words to describe what he had seen. He said that what transpired was like an "action movie".

"I saw the jeep from the time it came around the corner; it was travelling real fast; it hit a bump on the road and ride the bank on the left side, then over-turned two more times before it stopped," the man, who prefers to remain unidentified, told The Vincentian.

According to the eyewitness, the occupants of the vehicle went flying through the air when the vehicle overturned.

"I saw two of the occupants rolling over crying in the street shortly after they overturned," the eyewitness said.

By this time, he said, persons travelling on the road and those awoken by the loud impact gathered at the scene and took the occupants to the hospital

Friends and relatives paying respects at the scene of the accident

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Jason was laid to rest yesterday but I could not make it to the funeral.I hope his soul is at rest and his parents find some sort of comfort.

my goodness! sorry to hear about this accident. rest in peace jason
So sorry to hear bout the loss of your friend. So young indeed. My son is of driving age, and I'm so scared for him with driving alone and with friends.
Condolances on your community's loss; loss in the community, or family unit is still a loss that is felt in its emptiness - a life no longer able to touch and impact others, even on the smallest scale.

I've added you on my NOTED VISITORS LINK; because of your consistancy and writing gift; continuing to be a reader with interest.
You are correct about the sense of loss when someone from your community dies.Thanks for the compliment
Sorry to hear of this. Dr. D.
Too many of them gone too soon. Speed is like a narcotic though... and speed and liquor... welll, you done know. Sorry to hear.
Jason was a kind loving person and without a grudge or regret he lived his life to the fullest. There are times now and there will be many more when we look to the people around us knowing that there is someone missing, someone who once filled a gap in our hearts making us feel safe. Even though he is not here with us and we are not able to reach out and hold onto him for support he is watching over us protecting us and keeping us from harm Jason is our guardian angel........ we love you Rambo xoxoxo
listen we all miss them and may their souls continue to live on. They call em accidents because it's nobody's fault, we just have to respect the fact that the man upstairs has a plan.
it is sad to see so many young people pass away esp one after the other like that, but things happen for a reason and that's another thing we have to accept . Helmets are useful Yes!!! but a helmet can't protect a heart , america made helmets and seatbelts mandatory, but people still die. the young , the old, the good, the bad and the ugly . hey death is just something we can't prevent. live, laugh and becareful who u love :-P peace out.it's a harsh world out there, so my destination is heaven but ONLY when god ready for me eh!!!!
R.I.P my big bro/ gardian angel, every thing a lil sis could ask for.
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