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Real Life Cold Case Solved

Kansas City authorities have identified “Precious Doe” as Erica Michelle Maria Green, age 3:

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Her naked body was found lying in weeds alongside a dirt road in a wooded area on April 28, 2001.

Three days later, her head was found nearby, wrapped in a trash bag. She had been dead between 12 and 48 hours, police said at the time.

She was identified by her grandfather:

The break in the case came after a man who said he hadn’t seen his granddaughter for several years responded to a newspaper ad placed by Alonzo Washington, a Kansas City-based missing child advocate and community activist, said Kansas City police Capt. Rich Lockhart.

Her mother admitted taking part in her death, but her stepfather is the main suspect:

Police said it was the girl’s stepfather who actually killed her with a kick to the head and then used hedge clippers to sever her head. He was being questioned in Muskogee, Okla.

According to police, Johnson and her husband were with Erica in Kansas City when he delivered the fatal kick. Police said Johnson told them the couple let the girl lay motionless for two days, deciding not to seek medical care because there were warrants out for their arrests.

The mother told police her husband later used hedge clippers to cut off the girl’s head. They discarded the pieces in a wooded area and a trash bin, according to a probable cause statement.

She was THREE YEARS OLD. They stripped her naked and beheaded her.

Why are so many children killed by their own parents? What has happened in our society when so many people view their children as not deserving of life.Wicked, simply wicked.Rest in peace little Erica.

I keep saying it...there are some really sick mofo's out there. This is prime example. We need some sort of approval system before people are allowed to have kids.
agree with scratchie comments
Please give me a break about the approval system. Thank you for the moving story, Abeni.
Ditto Scratchie's comments about these mofos!

Kami, I watch A&E every Saturday night. Cold Case Files, City Confidential etc. Really amazing stories about crime solving....many of them will make you get goose pimples. Dr. D.
Yeah it makes you realise how many sick people out there!Some of those cases are unbelievable
Bwoy, I would like to get my hands on a man like that. I would limb him up! Take out some of my aggression on him. Grrrr!!!!
What a shame...she didn't even have a chance. Lock him tuh hell up in a dungeon for the rest of his life. The mother too.
What could a child that young possibly do, do deserve such an ending? if things get suh bad, all dem had tuh do was tuh leff she off at the church door ah Sunday morning.
Camp...he claim she disobey him.
omg! This shite is too much rasta. When dem done, dem a talk bout 'no more vigilante justice' in Jamaica? A bet if they had some vigilant justice in Texas dem worthless parents deh woulda wise up?
Actually saw it on Cold Case Files on A&E yesterday Kami. I completely forgot that you posted about it, as I did myself. Dr. D.
My heart hurts that a woman who carries a life inside her body for nine long months can do away with such a blessing.

You know, it is the increase in child abuse and murder cases that has curtailed my watching of local news. I am mortified at the disregard so many people posses for these little lives. My heart aches and I can never stop the tears from falling when I hear this kind of news. As for that beautiful child; she was proabably doing nothing to deserve a kick in the head except being a child.

The world today is making me sick....ugh!

It is a horrible society when people like that go free for what they do every day. For every one that gets caught there are probably 5 that are free. Why does this day and time have such little reguard for human life?
Horrible child abuse begins at home. The world today can never be changed if we don't want it to change. Save our children please they are the future after all.
sad! :'( *sniff*
sad! :'( *sniff*
that is something i can't belive that a mother would allow a man that is not the child's dad to put his hands on her while she sit there she is the lowest of then all.
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