Wednesday, May 11, 2005


On Dying

Any of you ever wondered when and how you will die? Not exactly the best conversation piece but I have thought about it from time to time.Given a choice I do not wish to die suddenly like in a road accident or from a heart attack etc.That is just too heartbreaking for those who remain so I'd prefer a few days notice to get them "accustomed" to the idea that I am dying.

I like the way my grandmother did it-about 5 weeks notice to gather everybody together and say goodbyes.That is the kind of scenario I would like in my ideal world.But then one really does not know what will be dealt to them.

By the way I never thought I would live to see 25 so it is really a wonder to me that am still here.It is not that I have life threatening ailments-moreso ongoing bothersome ones.Me and hospital walls are well acquainted espcially the ER rooms.Well,off to the doctor I go as this has been another sick week.Y'all think I will make it to 30?

Have thought about it. Ideally, don't want any pain and suffering, and would definitely not like to die by burning or drowning. But, God is in

Hope you are not too ill. Dr. D.
Never really thought about it. Had some close calls but Somebody never ready for me then. Can't we live forever? Oh well, I guess not.
Get well Kami.
Am feeling much better than I was last week.So I won't die:)
I think ya needmore pork in ya diet :-)

Have thought about dying. quite a bit actually, all the time lol. Not sure how I'd want to go though, not sure too many people would care which way I went.
I would hate to die from drowning or a car accident. Those two ways would be the worst for me.
I hope to live a full life well into my 90's, like my grandmother , who is still healthy -considering her age and the ususal old-age ailments.
Hmmm. Actually, I'm the opposite of you... the quicker the better, though I don't love the drowning or fire thing. Fast, minimum pain.... I'm good
Interesting thought we all must consider sometime in our lives.

I'm all with MaddBull, the quicker the better. If I can't have the ideal situation of dying in your sleep of natural causes, Or more conforming of being sick and having time to deal with your Master, fixing the insurance and the Will and calling the family, then just let me do it the instant way.
I don't want to go in pain and suffering knowing that I'm dying like people swaing off my head or stabbling or strangling me..
But hey who knows.....
Ideally, I would like 6 months. That will give me enough time to wrap things up.

No drowning, gunshot, car accident for me.

I think about death regularly. Too regularly some peopel feel. Kami, my age limit was 40, which I am approaching. I use that as a milestone, so I know that if I pass that, then I will go on to eh 93.4 years that that website told me I would live until!
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