Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Miss SVG 2005

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Soon it is going to be Carnival time in Vincy Land (June 24th-July 5th)But come Saturday a new Miss SVG 2005 will be crowned and I  can bet after the show (as has become the norm) there will be nuff disgruntled supporters claiming so and so was robbed.Never a dull  moment with these shows.Anyway,my pick is Miss Casynella Ollivierre(seen above)-her height may work against her but for me she comes over as being the most poised in her interviews etc. To see the others go here go here. You can make whatever comments you want..I won't be offended:)

I may go to the show-have never gone to one and a friend is bugging me to go along with her.Still not sure I want to though but if  she convincing enough I may just go along.Am just here thinking once upon a time when I was much younger I used to dream of entering these shows.What a difference growing up makes.

I like that one you pick. I also like Shanika, nelisha, rafika and la-keisha. but wait is why half dem got them got amerucan sounding mekup names? I also like dorcell and richenda

ok maybe i aint had nothing better to do but these girls cover quite a range dont they. was checking vital statistics and danielle is 14-19-28 and dorcell is 32-32-42. i think some of them is typos cause 14-19-28 mean the woman shape triangular.

but wait how come you aint enter?
Must be typos with Danielle.I mean who can be 14.19-28-real triangular indeed.Dorcelle bigger than what you normally see in contests.It takes all kinds I suppose.Yes,Yes they have ghetto fabulous names:)

What I have in contests..I too old:)
I would toss up a coin an you with Shanika Findlay
Yeah a wha wi di name dem, iyah? LMAO I'm so glad my parents gave me a "regular" name, phew! Mek life easy!

Anyway mi does tink seh yuh could win HANDS DOWN... represent! LOL! :)
we need a miss blogger contest fa real though. seeing as I suffered through top model for what seemed like 6 months I think I qualified to be a judge. we could get abeni to enter :-)
So what we have to do..put up swimsuit pics and thing? Btw,I convinced Dorcell John stats wrong too.I saw the girl this morning along with Shanika Findlay and nah she not that heavy at at all or if she is-she wears it well.
She almost looks familiar...your pick. BTW..couldn't get here last night...blogger couldn't find your site! Rolling eyes.

As for the names...won't bother to go there....after working at Bustamante Hospital for Children during my Internship I heard them all...including the one that took the cake for me..Satania!?? Mother claims she was 'the living devil.' Poor child. Dr. D.
I like your pick. As for the names...to each his own I guess.
I clicked on the link but your photo isn't among the contestants :)
yeep she looks pretty. Havent checked the rest cause dont feel like it.. But you are pretty too.. I know cause I seen your pic :)

Good lucks
Shanika Findlay
Richenda Deane
Casynella Ollivierre
La-Keisha Williams

Its between these four... Hey what a lot of wannabe lawyers, huh?
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