Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Man's Best Friend

Stray Dog in Kenya Saves Abandoned Baby

Seems like dogs are much better than us humans doesn't it?

It really looks that way fi real Kami. Interesting story. I wonder if these animals really have that special instinct that we often chat about and just how developed is it.
Every now and again, people abandon babies here too..they just 'forget' them at a hospital, leave them in a scandal bag on the roadside....or worse, deposit them in a pit latrine! In most cases, nobody is charged either. Comes back to my motto....do not breed unwanted children...pregnancy is not a contagious virus! Good dog. Dr. D.
I wish they had posted a picture of the dog, which was the real star of the story, IMHO...
The first story had the picture of the dog.Apparently,the whole story changed from the one I linked yesterday
I love doggies! :) Much better than cats...
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