Thursday, May 19, 2005


If you were brave enough

What would you do? I'd get a tattoo.Yup,have always thought about getting one but just too coward to get it done.One time I had already picked out what I wanted and was on my way to the parlour to get it done.The mistake I made was going with this friend who kept telling me that it was painful nothwithstanding he had several.That was enough for my cold feet to set in again.By now you would realise I have a low threshold for pain.

Anyway,my friend returned from UWI over the weekend and guess what-she has a tattoo right across her lower back.It not going down too well with her mother who thinks that only skettels(bad girls) get tattoos.We had a laugh explaining to her that in today's world a tattoo is very conservative.Needless to say she remain unconvinced but she will get over it.A couple months ago she was all upset when my friend got an anklet(same skettel reasons).Now,she is wearing one so a tattoo may be next.

So here I am with tattoo thoughts running around my mind again.One with my name across my lower back,a heart on my shoulder or upper back or a little rose or something on my chest.Nothing too big or outlandish and certainly not more not one if I ever get the courage to go through with it.

I wouldnt go as far as saying a tattoo is conservative but yea they are quite commonplace these days.

still you do realize that they are permanent right? not me, I aint putting nothing so on my skin but then I conservative
What would I do? ummm still thinking ***beep beep*** nope. .. nothing I can think off.. oh wait! I have already done lot of brave stuffs! Maybe if I were really brave, I would go back home and try to shout against the stupid politicians who are mostlty corrupt and mean people

but tatoo of heart on chest seems interesting too:p
I would have gotten a tattoo also, like you, my friend and I had planned to get it together...we had a freind draw our designs, for whatever reason she went ahead and got hers and I never got mine.

Remember though, if you get a tattoo remember that it's pernament and eventually you'll get older, so get one that you won't be ashamed of later and also in a place that won't cause issues as you rise the career ladder. I would say, stay away from the rose on the chest.

Just imagine if you rise to become principal of your school, or school superintendent and you got a big able tattoo in some part ah yuh body that you can't cover up?
Camp..My friend's mother is more pissed off because she is doing law and thinks a tattoo is career damaging.Well I would go with my name or a little symbol nothing like "I love X".I gather laser surgery can remove them but who wants to go through all that..not me.
I don't like tattoos, wouldn't get one.

Know a patient with a heart shaped one on her left breast with a PREVIOUS boyfriend's name in the centre. She has a rather disgusting keloid in the of the side effects that people with pigmented skin can get from having them done.

Lasers may remove tattoos, there are some that not even lasers remove completely. Depends on the colour. I'd say stay away from them, if you want, get them that last a few weeks. Dr. D.
Don't listen to the detractors... Don't even listen to yourself! Listen to me. You do want a tattoo, and you want it out on the front page somewhere, where everyone will see it.
The tattoo will show a picture of the bull's head that now adorns my site, and the words "I LOVE MAD BULL's BLOG, all written in a u-shape under the Bulls head. Under that, in a straight line will be my site's URL. It'll look great, everyone will love it, it won't hurt your career even if you decide to run for President of the U.S. and its quite likely to make you popular and win you friends and help you to influence people! Trust me on this... Go out and get it now! Now, when I click my finger's you will wake up. You won't remember any of this and you will feel rested and at peace...
No Comments...none whatsoever...lips are sealed.....
LOL@MB.I know I can count on ya!
Don't listen to MB....thats the damn weed talking! ;-) Dr. D.
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