Thursday, May 12, 2005


Are you Afraid of the Dark?

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I just finished reading Sidney Sheldon's latest and am wondering what happened to the man who brought us "The Other Side Of Midnight","Rage of Angels","If Tomorrow Comes" etc.This one is about four people who die violently and mysteriously in four cities across the world.Tying them together is the fact that they all worked for an environmental think tank-Kingsley International Group.Two of the widows are drawn together to find out the truth about their husbands' demise and find themselves in situation where they are fleeing for their lives as they unearth a conspiracy that robbed them of the men they loved.

Sounds okay so far,right? But even though the book starts out quite promising it quickly became too much like a soap opera.Personally,I found the characters to be very weak and uninteresting and even though it is fictional some of their escapes were just too good to be true.Definitely,not Sidney Sheldon at his best but I suppose its passable as light entertainment and not the usually gripping stuff of some of his previous books.To be honest the last set of books I read by him were not that good but I keep going back hoping he will redeem himself.Come on Mr Sheldon,more books like "The Other side of Midnight".

Sidney Sheldon is one of my fav author...
thanks Abeni for understand me :Phehe bye bye
Well, before you actually commented that it sounded like a soap opera, that was my thought.

Can't say I ever read any of his novels, but then again, I didn't really consider myself a 'novel' lover....sci. fi maybe. Dr. D.
Swags...who said I understood you:)
:) yeah yeah :P

ANyway... yeep not all books of Sidney Sheldon are the best... My dad kinda writes too.. SO i know that there are times when writters just dont write the best
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I read the 1st 2, but my novel reading days ended many moons ago. Doesn't really hold me these days.I suppose even writers have off days too so don't knock him too hard.
the one i liked was the one based in south africa, with diamonds. cant remember the name. but most times when I see Graham Smith, i remember that novel!

(Dr D....Graham Smith is the captain of the South Africa team!)
is that the one with twins? that was a thriller... i spent one whole night reading it :)
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