Monday, May 23, 2005


And the winner is

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Eighteen year old Kioyka Cruickshank of St Vincent and the Grenadines who defeated Kimberley Innis of Barbados to win the inaugural Eastern Caribbean leg of the Digicel Rising Stars competition.The final show held at the Frank Collymore Hall in Barbados opened with a rendition of "Lean on Me" done by some of the finalists.Then the final two-Kiokya and Kimberley gave a rendition of Mariah Carey's "Miracle" before doing solo acts of their choice.

Kimberley's performance was way better than when final judging was done.This week her voice was at its best-no problems at all with hoarseness.We will never know how the voting would have gone had her voice been at its best last week.Both girls were fantastic and really highlighted how much talent is present in our part of the world.

Anyway,congrats to Kiokya.Now grab your chance to make a name for yourself internationally!

yep congrats to Kioyka! I hope she becomes a big star
Congrats Kioyka! Dr. D.
So is the competition like American Idol?
Yes,Caribbean version of American Idol
Congrats to Kioyka (cute name) I thought of you when i read the article. SV&G making a positive name for itself on the national and maybe international stage.
Did I mention already say she remind me of Vivica Fox? If not, she remind me of Vivica Fox! Doh send her to the US or she going to waste herself pon a thug that looks like Fi'ty Cent!
So how you never enter the competition Abeni? Cho girl, I would've been more than happy to split any winnings with you as your "manager" ;)
Lawd no..not no Fi'ty cents look alike:).AD,next year..I promise:)
Congrats to Kioyka! You say next year and we are holding you to that :)
that's my girl and always will be
Kimberley has always been a better singer than Kioyka....Why couldn't everybody see that?....Kim has depth and a beautiful soulful voice. I'm not disputing the fact that Kioyka has talent but Kimberely has soul-power and she is a better representation of Caribbean talent....
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