Sunday, May 15, 2005


And there were two

Am referring to the Digicel Rising Stars Competition that has been dominating the airvawes for the past couple months.

Now it is down to Kiokya Cruickshank of St Vincent and the Grenadines

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and Kimberley Innis of Barbados
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At stake is an international recording contract,5000USD and a trip for two to London.Kimberley got Kiokya beat on performance-she definitely knows how to use the stage.But Kiokya got the sweeter voice of the two and I'd go as far as saying she had the best voice in the entire competition.No,am not biased because she is Vincentian and I thought I'd mention that TC and Admiral the two Bajan studio judges agree with me.(that is for Jdid and Camp)

I found it amusing that each week Kimberley would complain of being hoarse but would sing with no audible signs of hoarseness.Tonight,unfortunately for her the voice was not at its best-definite sound of hoarseness.Come Sunday night after all the voting has been done(via a Digi Phone) the first Digi Rising Star of the East Caribbean version will be announced.Am sure going to miss my weekly fix of Rising Stars and the sometimes brutal comments from Admiral in particular.

Anyhow am gonna predict Kiokya will win it all.

Admiral had brutal comments? who are the other judges? well good luck to both young ladies. since I never hear any of them sing I will cheer them both on although I wearing a bajn t-shirt right now :-) they having a type of Digi American Idol then!? Dr. D.
We have something like that here in Grand Cayman too... put on by C&W tho. I saw that they did something similar in Jamaica too, not sure who won though... Bwoy, we know how to copy people though, eeeh?
By the way, Kiokya sorta looks like Vivica Fox, nuh true? If she can climb out from under her inhibitions, maybe she has an acting career ahead of her too... What inhibitions? Well, I'm thinking that its inhibitions and shyness thats holding back her performance onstage, thats all....
So right American Idol Caribbean style.MB you hit the nail on the head.Kiokya real inhibited,she hardly does move on the stage.But then she is a little Christian girl so she rather sheltered.I don't see Vivica Fox but she is a cutie.
yea she looks a bit like vivica
Did I mention she lives in my area:)Noooo,that's not why am cheering her on
One ah deese days de Caribbean gonna be original in dem ideas. But good fuh de two girls, maybe something will come true for them.
Congrats to Kiokya for winning the Digicel Eastern Caribbean Rising Stars Competition!

Proud to be Vincy,
Well I'm Bajan but I was backing Kioka 100% as she has a really sweet voice and is so angelic and pure with it.I also got to to know her personally as she stayed at the hotel where I worked.Kimberly is a great performer but somehow bajans doesn't really appreciate her for some reason or the other.I know something will come through for her one of these days,but for now it's Kioka's turn.Good luck Kioka
Yeah,very strange Bajans do not seem to have warmed up to Kimberley.I think she is a fantastic performer and I liked her soca rendition the best.I hope she lands a contract too.
I'm a Bajan but from the time I heard Kiokya, I was convinced she was the best. I backed her 100% all the way thru. Kimberley is already a seasoned performer and she does her thing well, but Kiokya has great potential and I love her! All the best to them both.
Bajans don't ever support their own geeeez. I love Kimberly.b y the way i'm Bajan and Kioka is not a performer.
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