Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Strange Sayings

Ever noticed all the sayings we use that really do not have any meaning? Yet,they have become part of our everyday conversation.When we want to ward off bad luck we say knock on wood and accompany it with a knock for good measure. How did we get the term crocodile tears?Any body can prove a crocodile really cries or that its grief is fake?

A piece of cake is a term for something that you do with ease.When something rings a bell your memory gets jogged by an incident.Ever had an adult tell you that a particular person born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth so you must not waste time idling with them? Here,we even have our version of silver spoon which is "well done seven and naked back eleven"

Or how about the term out like a light? That one I can follow because it implies you would have fallen asleep in about the time it takes to switch off a light.In the doghouse means you have fallen out of favour but most dogs get treated very well so I am not so sure I understand that one.

I have been guilty of counting my chickens before they were hatched.So many times I have heard that I should take my head out the clouds.But life without dreams is dull,right?

Now that I have started the ball rolling the invitation is open for fellow bloggers to jump on the bandwagon and share some strange or silly sayings.

Hi Kami, any way yuh tun macka jook yuh.
Nothing much to add but still saying howdy anyway.
Hey Sratchie..What does that saying mean?
Let's see now... basically it means that no matter what you do there will be problems. Damned if you do damned if you don't.
Here is one I heard from Natty's grandmother... She told me that she popped it on the people at work today and they had never heard it. She was sitting in the lunchroom with some of her co-workers and one of them was going on and on about how everyone takes advantage of her and they all want her to do stuff for them and how they are working her to a frazzle, and so on... Natty took a swig off her pepsi and told her "Well, its the willing horse that gets saddled the most, you know." Apparently they all had never heard it and they loved it too.
Lol,no doubt MB
good post, cant think of any sayings right now
I wonder where "There's more than one way to skin a cat." I mean, who has ever skinned cats? Maybe for a fur little shawl or something...I dont know.
Maybe for some little gloves..lol
I've always liked sayings that refer to cat abuse... so "in the same vein"... "You couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting..." implying an overabundance of something...

Here's a nice site for you... Happy un-birthday... http://www.idiomsite.com/

I don't think they have “crocodile tears” but I think it implies that a crocodile would only cry if that served it’s own purposes [i.e. to lure you closer…]
Ok here's one for you - in the office we're all trying to figure out where it came from! You know if you have a lot of something say like a huge feast with lots of food - you'll say 'wow! there's food for africa!' And people say it for when there's lots of anything. EG cars for africa etc... Where did it come from and why!?
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