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Sophia Young and Baylor

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Young, a first team All-American by the U.S. Basketball Writers Association of America, who grew up playing the no-backboard game of netball on St. Vincent in the West Indies, scored a game-high 26 points and was the Final Four's most outstanding player as Baylor won their first championship last night in the RCA Dome."We're just trying to be the shining light of Baylor and the community in Waco (Texas)," Young said.

The 6-foot-1 junior forward clearly showed the way for the Bears in their 68-57 victory over No. 1 overall seed LSU Sunday night as she scored 21 points with 10 rebounds and six assists.

"I thought I had to step up really big for my teammates," said Young, who is a native of St. Vincent in the West Indies and went to Evangel as an exchange student having never played basketball before.Over her last three games, Young is averaging 22 points, 9.3 rebounds and 4.6 assists for the Lady Bears. Young's mother, Annie Christopher, never saw her play in person until three games ago. Christopher was one of the hundreds of raucous Baylor fans at the game Sunday who easily outnumbered and outshouted LSU's contingent.

Congrats Sophie and Baylor.Oh,one more thing Sophie,SVG's population is 105,000 not 17,000.

Keep doing well Miss Young.
Hi Kami.
excellent! next year WNBA here she comes.
See Kami if ya did tek up a sport like that all like now we would be seeing your name in the news but noooooo you wanta be a pseudo sports journalist :-)
Scrawny me? I don't think so:)Pseduo journalim it is. Wait,you eh hear WNBA eh no big thing!
Congrats to her. Yeah, big difference between 17,000 and 105,000. Dr. D.
job well done sophia...i bet you i can beat you in one on one basketball...i am only five nine and a half...
Go on. You are doing SVG proud. I want you to be one of the best in the world so keep on going.
Sophia keep up the good works,you got my and all Layou massive sopport all the way.Big up jeff here 100% vincy.
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