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Royal Wedding

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Well,today is the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles,the woman who has been part of his life for the last 34 years.As a rule,I hardly ever pay any attention to the Royal family(was not even a Princess Di fan).But,there is one aspect of this coverage that has attracted my attention and that is the comments on Camilla's looks.

So what if she does not look like Princess Diana? Are we saying that every woman has to look like a model or her worth is somewhat less? That seems to be the message that is coming through loud and clear with all the comments about horsy looks and the inevitable references to the beautiful Diana.But,for all of Diana's good looks her marriage crashed and this "unlovely" woman still managed to hold Prince Charles's attention.It suggests then that he and Camilla were way more compatible than he and Diana ever were.And isnt that what any relationship is all about?

While am on it Prince Charles is no Prince Charming himself but you don't see the media,mainstream or else obsessing over his looks.But,Camilla who looks the way I think the average 50 something woman does is being put under a microscope and compared to a woman several years her junior.It is almost as if it is a sin for a man like Prince Charles to choose a woman who is not a beauty queen.If he had chosen a gorgeous thirty something,she would probably have been called a gold digger.

I tell you being a woman is a real tough job.No matter what you have achieved it always comes back to the way you look.Condoleeza Rice gets her share of comments with respect to her looks.Small wonder so many of us are so screwed up in the way we look at ourselves all because we don't fit society's standards.The bottom line is that looks matter,regardless what people say.We women have always known this.

I don't pay attention to the Royal family either....I don't even really care that Prince Charles is getting married again...

But yeah, you probably already know how I feel about the issue you brought up. She does look like a normal mid-aged woman...
Congrats tuh de two of them...people need tuh leff de woman alone. Actually, she looked good today, in both her outfits, and she worked that crowed after the Blessings...She need tuh tell duh all go haul duh tails, cause she got de Heir tuh de Throne
As a woman i can honestly say that it's incredibly difficult being a woman in today's society, i don't want to sound like i'm nagging or complaining but it truly is a struggle.

As Kami said, looks do matter. Infact quite recently i read a few articles pertaining to attractive babies and the special treatment they receive as well as the "good looking" individual who is seeking a employment.

It seems fortune favours those who are "attractive."
Lol,since when you are a woman?
all i got to say is that ugly women need love too. lol

no seriously you made a good point. charles had his beauty queen and they didnt work out. camilla might not be as beautiful of diana but in charles heart i'm sure he probably loves her more than camilla. good for him
I don't know if you get the late night shows like the Tonight Show but they dog her face on the regular. Someone should put a picture of their(the critics) mother's on the web and let them get dogged too.
I know how you feel - she's certainly more attractive than the tabloid-buyers that clamour for ugly pictures of her. I thought her wedding dress was lovely.
Weel if these two get divorced maybe the royal family won't assassinate Camila.

Off topic... you consider yourself a survivor. What have you survived?
The trials and tribulations of life and that includes having to shoot down a lot of negativity.
"Are we saying that every woman has to look like a model or her worth is somewhat less?"... Uh... Yeah... duh... (that was a joke... don't kill me...)
Who doesn't face teh trials and tribulations of life?
Obviously am not going to publicly detail it.
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