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Pope John Paul II(Repost)

Love him or hate him there is no denying that the man is a fighter.Some people view the Pope as an antichrist or just something evil that hides behind religion.For others he is almost a God like figure to be revered and worshipped.Either way he is a man who evokes strong emotions.I can't say that I have had any strong view points or any view points for that matter with respect to him.

All I knew was that he was the Head of the Catholic Church and one of the world's premier spiritual leaders.I also knew that he was firmly against contraception,abortion,homosexuality and the ordination of women as priests.Occasionally,I would catch a glimpse of this frail old man,obviously in poor health but still conducting mass or delivering a particular message.And I would wonder if the Catholic Church has any provisions that would allow a Pope to step down from office because it seemed a bit "cruel" to have him continue in his condition.

But today am suddenly realising that the Pope possesses great strength.The strength that makes you go on when all you really want to do is probably just walk away from it all.Many of us would have probably given up a long time ago but this man despite his very public illnesses found enough strength to perform the duties of his office.I think it is a lesson that we can overcome many of the barriers we place on our selves.

Addendum.Well,the long fight is finally coming to an end.It has been a valiant fight but when one cannot fight anymore it is okay to give up.May he rest in peace.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Yep dude definetly has great strength because I swear he has been on his deathbed for almost a decade now. isnt it weird how he is like the only Pope that some folks know from their lifetime just like Queen Elizabeth is the only queen of England we've ever experienced
Ain't that the truth,Jdid.Sometimes it painful to watch the Pope struggle through his routine.But obviously the man not stepping down at all.
I have issues with the whole catholic faith (being a ex-trainee priest myself) and cant relate to him in terms of how catholicism affects our lives. but regardless I wish him many more years in service. hopefully we'll get a black pope next. as if.
Obi,if you had completed your training then the black Pope thingee amy have been that bit closer:)
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The man is a fighter indeed, but I don't see why he need to be so dominant and steadfast about not stepping down. How much leading of the catholic faith can he do in his situation. Not much, and he hasn't been doing much in the last 5yrs of so.

I have some objections against his various stand on isues, but hey' I'm not catholic so I leave that to them. IMHO he's not a Pope that grew witht he times. Do you know that there isn't even a plan in place if he goes into a coma, the Vatican has put everything on this one man. I think they forgot that first he's man and then Pope. Oh well I wish him and the Catholic people all the best.
Religions opinions aside i think we can all learn a great deal from your point Abeni. He has represented a great deal of strength. IF he can keep going, so can I.
How old is the Pope exactly?? Well I do believe he is a strong man. He gives us the inspiration to keep on doing what we are doing even if we are struggling. He is very head strong about his duties. Good post Abeni!
Sony,he will be 85 this May.
Hi guys. Where do i start...I'm Catholic so let me clear some stuff.
The Pope will decide if he needs to step down. It is his choice unless incapacitated. He has indicated that he does not wish to do so. Camp, there are a sequence of events that follows the passing of each Pope. It is a pretty standard procedure. The newly appointed Pope is usually selected and elected within 14 days of the passing of each Pope.
I myself have issues with some church dogma but that's not for this forum.
Well he can't decide now because the man is dead.

Seriously I see what people are saying. And I say the same thing. What kind of religion is this where a man can't even retire if he's sick and up in age?

I felt sorry for him, most times. He looked frail and he looked pissed, to tell the truth. His facial expressions said "what the hell am I doing here, I want to drink some orange juice and gwans to my bed!!"
I think it is interesting that the pope gets so much attention even from non-catholics. I am saddened that he died, but saddened as I would be if anyone I didn't know died. I don't mean to be cruel, but if it isn't your religion, and you don't know him, why is it such a big deal? Again, I am sad when anybody dies. Same thing with the pope. Why such a big deal though? If the a head of another religion died, would that be a big deal? I dunno.

Personally,am not saddened.Re the other religions it won't have such a following because none of the other Heads maintained such a high public profile,It just seems the Pope was kinda larger then any religion.
Well, I am a catholic (sort of, haven't been to church for centuries, probably since Dracula did bite me) but you know what pissed me off with the man... All those pedophile priestsa were being helped out, man! The complainants were paid off, the priests moved to a different diocese with an unsuspecting congregation where they often went on the hunt for some other youngsters again! And this was all on his watch! The buck stops with the leader all the time, people, and IMHO, he must have known that this stuff was going on! Ok, so maybe he was old when it was hapopening and he didn't have the strength to deal with it... realise that then nuh. Remove yourself from the equation and let the matter be handled properly...
And despite not handling that properly, the rude bwoy had the strength to come out strongly against homosexual marriage, contraceptives and marriage for priests in recent times... Kids being molested was not as important as those though...
That stuff really pissed me off, bwoy!
Anyway, they say you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, so I won't go on, even though it is something that I DID cuss about while he was living.

(* takes deep breath, holds it a bit, lets it out *)

Also, despite the fact that he occupied a high office, he was indeed still just another man, who got up every morning and had to drain the lizard just like I had to, and he had to go through the same rituals to get into his pants... wait! He wasn't in pants very often, was he? :-) Be that as it may, he was human, and thus prone to err... lets not crucify him because of a few errors, I guess.
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