Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Pet Peeve

Lately, on my MSN I have been attracting some people with nuff attitude.Here's a short sample:

caribdude: you on and wont speak to me man
caribdude: you done with me now
caribdude: anyway bye

All of that before I could type a reply because he promptly went offline.The thing that irritates me is that MSN is a two way street and nowhere is it written in stone that person x must initiate the conversation.Then I get questions like "what did I do you?" and people cross examining you as if you on a witness stand.I can understand if it is done lightheartedly but not in those accusing ways.

The point is sometimes you don't even see when some people log in or they have "away" next to their screen name.So,if you respecting the "away" sign then I would think that person should say hello when they change their status as you may not even be aware of the change. Instead, it seems easier for them to dump on you as if you have comitted a crime.Well,since I can't take the drama a few of them are a fingertip away from being deleted.

Anyone else has any MSN peeves?

ya ave all de man jealous on msn lol :-)
Trust you to say that eh! Or is it I attract some weirdos:)
funny i was thinking of such a post in the future...
I just ignore de IM fools..but I really don't have those problems. After a while I let people know, if yuh ein see me ansa widin
5 mins dat means ah not dey....

Muh Pet Peeves...people who got me on duh general mailing list, does send me all kindas foolishness tuh full up muh box, but never ah individual email tuh say hello.

The Fwds that tell yuh yuh must fwd widin so much time or this kinda bad luck gine happen tuh you..or de religious ones dat sey yuh must fwd so that yuh can be blessed fuh de day....chuupse... and worst yet, de sed people who always sending de righteous religious emails, and doan step foot inside ah church.
I just ignore all them religious fwds.Spiritual blackmail,my uncle calls it and I have to agree.I tell people to be very selective in what they fwd cos most times I not even bothering to open
You know why I like commenting on Caribbean blogs? You don't haffi worri boutcha spellin... Anyway, you gonna get the same there what you gonna get in the real world... when you correspond in writing, you miss inflection, body language, facial expression... all of which contribute to better understanding of what a person is saying, you hafta rely on context mostly. Plus some (type 'A') people treat IM like a phone... you must answer or them get pissed at you... tell them 'move & g'lang.' gyall... and Jdid right... pretty gyall dem get alladi attention.
Since I'm new to MSN and the eternal skeptic I have all of but 5 contacts on my list. I have only seen 4 online at any point in time. Besides I get easily confused so I can't bother with the 10 people conversation with everybody talking all at once.
I just stick to one smaddy at a time and I reply and wait for the cute orange flashing thing at the bottom. Half the time I miss the notification button because it just pops up in the bottom corner ever so quietly. I need neon to see it. heh heh heh. When I get pissed I just leave.
scratchie doan mind she. is juss dat she have half the caribbean in her contact list an it gettin outta hand lol
Lol,I doan even have 20 persons on my MSN.Some persons who will remain unnamed have 65 to 100.
I have some of the same MSN issues, cool post..
JDid I get you. From what she says she doesn't have as much as 20 names per Caribbean island in her list. Hmmmm Kami, that's a lot of people. Say there are maybe 25 territories in the region that's like 500 names ...definitely too many for you to handle...even for a young SVG girl.
What's weird is when someone can't get a hold of you by phone or email, so they try IM. They leave you a little IM for you to see when you get home. Something like: "Did you get my message? I need to talk to you about...." Now we are starting to gray the lines between email and IM.
I'm with you campyah.

Because I used to have dial up, whenever I got online, I used to hail up everybody cause I knew I wouldnt be on for long. When I was away at school, someobyd used to tell me that he have work, so he cant talk. then when I started working I realized what he mean cause I could hardly talk to anybody once I logged in, cause I wa sso busy.

So that made me understand that the contacts are there, and if you wanna askd them a question, you ask and if them dont answer, then them dont and you dont get uptight like i used to!

I thinkn there is a difference in IM behaviour from those with dial up and those with broadband. Anybody looking for a research project, there is one for you!

And Kami, I agree with you. I dont reply to those things, and I dont encourage them either. One person who got my email address, started to forward them. So i sent her an email saying please forward to anothe remail address if it's absolutely worth me reading. then added that's a mail box that I dont check very often!
Yall should just do what I do. its very empowering actually. Just Block everbody on your list so no one knows when ur online. Either that or use the new version of msn and sign in as "appear offline." The former is better because you can choose to only reveal yourself to someone youwant to talk to (lets hope they want to talk back to you too. lol )
yeah chatting can be sometimes strange and weird... I have only a few people in my msn. ... and those are someones I trust to talk too :)

Hey bart, you don't have to block everybody...you go on OFFLINE mode, STAR.

"de sed people who always sending de righteous religious emails, and doan step foot inside ah church."

TROOT TROOT, I'm so tired of them. I strictly say NO FORWARDS but some folks still send them. I teach them a lesson by blocking them.

Anyway fi di MSN...if it says I'm busy, I'M BUSY. Unless you are dying or yuh mudda dying, I'M BUSY, chuh man!!! (kisses teef)
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