Friday, April 01, 2005


More disrespect.

Forgive me for thinking that after the disrespect shown to Alf Valentine that this time around the West Indies team would get it right.Maybe,it was too much to hope that when the team took to the field they would wear some armbands in memory of the late Allan Rae.When one considers that for many years he headed the then WICBC and was considered in some quarters to have been the best leader it is surprising that he was forgotten.

Then this morning almost as if it was an afterthought there was a moment of silence for the late Allan Rae,Robert Christiani and Charlie Stayers.So why am I upset over the lack of armbands? Well, West Indies team set the standard by wearing them for the late Uncle Les,how then can the likes of Allan Rae and others not merit the same honour?

Well,I suppose not many would even care. After all this is a region that is very ignorant of much of its history.Small wonder then that Uncle Les who did not fight in the trenches takes precedence over our warriors.

ya also have to remember that right now memories of old warriors aint what on their minds. everyone preoccupied with boycott and strike and whether cricket was gine play
It's a shame nobody cares about honouring our heroes; not even the WICB who Rae was a part big of. Les get attention b/c he was present and the players knew him personally. They eh know anything about the not so distant past. But i think this is Caribbean problem.
I'll take your word for the cricket stuff. Just saying hi.
Jdid..Oz was not missing this.But you right the moment of silence on day 2 highlights thatthey missed it
Are the players to be blamed for not wearing black armbands in memory of Allen Rae, or should it not be the WICB for not providing the armbands to the players and see to it that they wear them.
As far as am concerned management is to blame.That includes team and higher level.
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