Saturday, April 23, 2005


In Barbados

Got in yesterday around 5.35-nice smooth flight but had to wait a while before I got picked up.After I got picked up was non stop activity.First stop was home to get some food, then to pay my aunt a visit.On our way home we drove through St lawrence Gap and then went to Oistins and spent about 30 mins before heading off to hang out with some of my uncle's friends.

To my greatest surprise Beenie Man/Buju show was next and even though I tried to get home to shower and put on clean clothes it was to no avail.So I had to go in the clothes I was wearing from around 2.30 pm which was not so cool at all although I was reassured I would not stick out.Everybody was dressed in their little sexy and in some cases ridiculous outfits and I looked as if I was going to church in a long skirt and a top with sphagetti strips.Got to the stadium midway through Buju performance and he was quite good.Beenie on the other hand was rather irritating with his insistence on talking,talking rather than performing.Got back home around 2.10 am and went straight to bed.

Thi smorning all roads lead to Kensington to watch South Africa continue their dominance.Dunno what I will be doing tonight but more than likely will hang out with some friends after the game.As you all can tell am having a ball.Out for now,

Good Luck and happy holidays
Enjoy yourself, Kami! Tell me, do they have a stand which would be their equivalet of the Red Stripe Mound at Sabina Park, and if so, will you be sitting there? My guess is that you won't be, you are more like Michelle where cricket is concerned... its very serious business, nuh true? :-)
Go ahead rub it in on we Bajan bloggers...Well today yuh should enjoy a good bowl ah cou-cou and red herring or flying fish, or if you indulge in the other white meat, some puddin n' souse..

Tonight should be Oistins, Baxters Rd, de Gap or de Boat Yard..yuh have unlimited choices. Enjoy yuhself and bring muh back a black sugarcake
They have a party stand but it not like the Mound.Nah,I like the fun things too.I was in the Kensington stand and then in a friend's box

Camp,tonight might be the Gap
Have some fun and try find a camera and bring us back some photographs.
Have a great desreve it.
you're in kensington stand oh man i'm jealous
Have fun. Did you see the South African man that JDid linked...apparently streaked across the stadium grounds?

Camp....I doh see what all the fuss about cou cou and flying fish is about, had it in Bim and to me it was quite offense intended to the Bajan crew. Dr. D.
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