Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Have passport,will travel

Today,I get my passport i.e if there are no more hitches.Who knows that to take out a simple thing like a passport would be so stressful.According to the rules it takes three weeks to get one processed but Friday when I went to check on it I was told it was not ready.Okay,so naturally I wanted to know when I would get it as am due to travel on Friday this week.The reply, in a very rude manner was that they don't know and if I needed to travel I should take an emergency document.Did I ever tell you customer service stinks in this island? Of course that was out the question because I had already met the three weeks regulation.

To add insult to injury my application could not be found.So I ended up spending close to an hour trying to convince the Immigration officers that I did indeed bring in the form.Eventually,they found the proof that I had submitted it and told me to come back on Tuesday.

Am not sure if there are worst things than dealing with Government offices.It takes forever to get something done and most of the times you are treated as if you are an unwelcomed visitor.You better be prepared to dedicate a substantial portion of your time if you want to get something done.Thank God I won't have to deal with Immigration Dept for another 10 years.

Hi there,
BTW who give you permission to travel? :) Hope you get through before crunch time.
whichpart you travelling gine now? lol

I had a similar issue with the drivers licensing people in Barbados. They claim I never renewed a few years back but I had and my license book was stamped ad everything the unfortunate thing is I have lost my license book so now i have no proof so i'm without a license there now. totally sucks
So, is not just a Jamaican ting den? Ask me why in a country with a relatively small population like yours, how many thousands of applications could they be processing to take three weeks for a passport? And then to be dishing out attitude on top of it. I tell you.

Anyway, hope you get it today. And which exotic destination might you be heading for? Just curious. Dr. D.
Dr D,I often wonder why it has to take 3 weeks.You would think everybody here applying the same time! Am heading out to Bdos(Eat your heart out Jdid and Canp), just for the weekend tho.
Good Luck
Is vex, we vex wid yuh now Kami...But enjoy. Wha happen tuh one CARICOM whey de islanders cud travel from island tuh island widout passport....You should just need ah CARICOM ID and yuh good tuh go :-) Oh Well nuttin wrong wid dreaming.
Camp,In the OECS you can travel with just an ID card.The rest of the Caribbean still to catch up
enjoy your trip
Enjoy your trip! Customer service stinks here in the US too sweetie.
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