Friday, April 08, 2005


End of vacation

Monday,it is back to work i.e if the transportation strike is not resolved.For months now this strike over proposed increase in bus fares has been in the pipeline.As is usual in these parts there is always resolution at the ninth hour.However,according to the Transport Assoc the Government has refused their demands for increased bus fare thereby forcing them to call a strike on Friday and Monday.

The thing that irritates me about these strikes is that the vans block strategic points and in the process prevent private transportation from going about their business.Up to now I still can't figure out why private transportation is made to suffer.The overwhelming majority of commuters use public transportation so it is not even a case of their strike being affected.Anyway, it is high time the Govt runs a transport system to alleviate these inconveniences which are becoming far too regular for my liking.Not that I won't mind an extra day off but I expect some deal will be struck for Monday and put an end to my dreams.

Anyway,this term is short with Cxc's beginning in May.That means I only have three weeks of teaching time with the fifth formers before they go home.Hopefully,this time around results will be better but I don't have high hopes.But I may be pleasantly surprised,who knows.Anyway,have a good weekend all

Hi there, I hope the results are better too. It must be frustrating to put so much effort into somthing and the end result is less than adequate. What is the average class size there?
Enjoy the weekend too.
About 40,too big if you ask me.
Hello Stranger :D

Well work work work :)
you guys facing the same thing we are because we are all waiting to find out what happens with our transit today
check this out

what subject do you teach?
Maths and Geography
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