Thursday, April 21, 2005



Just a few days after its launch the Caribbean Court of Justice finds itself having to investigate one of its members.At the centre is a lawsuit brought against Othneil Sylvester for swindling a Danish foundation of 12 million dollars.Am going to reserve comment because one never knows who is reading and the man in question is a member of my church.Let's just say I have a strong opinion on who is guilty. Read more about it

Hi there. Didn't see this yesterday and now the link is missing :( I had about it but hadn't seen any articles so I was kinda hoping to read yours anyway.....
Hoping all is well with you.
Just checked the link and it works.Maybe you can try later
Thanks Kami, I saw the story. It amazing that what you get from these reports and what people say (word of mouth) how much they vary. Let's see where this on goes.
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