Thursday, April 14, 2005



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While watching E last night I heard them say "Breaking News".So am thinking it is something dramatic like MJ admits he guilty only to hear that Britney's pregnant.Am I the only one who couldn't care less? Actually,I should start a watch to see how long Daddy stays around because his track record not too good.

daddy like he is a playa
no... there's at least 2 of us...
Thank God
Heres the thing... the rude bwoy knows hes in the money. They will have to use horses to pull him away and they'll still have to prise his lifeless fingers off of her gatepost, because he ent leaving.
I too am wondering what the big deal is about Britney being pregnant....Theyre talking about it everywhere and everyday since, like it really affects us all. Crazy man...
GIRL I ANGRY TOO!!! What di hell is going on, bout pregnant. Can you believe...they put the fool on the cover of the Toronto Star! There's talk of an upcoming election in Canada and they put this heifer on the cover of the paper! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
de kresten is how long dis pregnancy gonna last...if it anything like she husbands, watch out fuh breaking news next week.

North Americans really need a life..chuuppppsse
Hi Kami...add me to the "couldn't care less what goes on with this person". Don't mean her no harm but just not a real issue in my book.
Imagine...Ms. Spears is going to come to an end simply because the girl breed? Craziness!!
You do not care about Britney geting pregnant, yet you know her baby's daddy track record.
The irony.
How can I not know? Apparently,it was huge news.Oh the irony!
Kiss teet....

Is media hype mek anything she do is news....whatever...I'm on the list of don't carers as well. Dr. D.
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