Monday, April 25, 2005


Back in SVG

Got in about 8.15 this morning and instead of going to school I headed straight home.I already miss Barbados, well my uncle and his friends who treated me as if I were royalty by catering to my every little whim and fancy.Unfortunately, it is back home to run of the mill life but I will survive:).West indies lost but that is a whole nother blog by itself.

Kensington had a streaker and the courts charged the man 3000 $Bds for exposing his "person". I think that is really excessive for something I consider rather harmless. So he took off his clothes and ran across the pitch and that becomes a big deal worthy of such a heavy fine? I know of offences much more serious which were handed lesser fines. By all means fine the man if he breaks your country laws but temper it with some sense as I think the punishment should correspond to the crime.Am thinking at least 500 max would be enough but not 3000 at all.At the end of the day the man only committed a "crime" against himself.

Coming out of a discussion we had Friday night on the same matter I learnt that if a woman streaks she would be charged with indecent exposure since she does not have a "person".So I suppose the trauma of seeing a naked woman is less hence the lesser fine.Stupidity, if you ask me.If the whole idea is not to expose your body publicly then it should not matter whether or not you have a "person".By the way interesting name for a penis,isn't it? Probably comes from having a mind all its own.I was so amused by the term because somehow I always thought person referred to your entire body. Everyday you learn something more.

It's good to hear our neighbors missing B'dos. Hope you took back some goodies.

Now yuh know that Jdid gonna disagree with you on the fine for the streaker...the fine was probably that his "person" wasn't worth seeing and hence the agony and disappointment of the viewers at the Oval, not to mention the mental anguish...ha ha ha ha ha
dem shudda fine he bout 5000 dollars for exposing his person but I hear you on the severity of the crime thing. I think the punishment is a good one to deter these tourist people coming in ya country and doing stupidness. check my blog out. Of course I feel that if certain other crimes had big punishments people would think twice. Y a think this fella gine streak again after that fine. no star wha even when he home he gine be fraid ta tek off he underwaer ta go in de shower lol

Interesting thing about the fine for the women. I say that both sexes should pay the same. of course you do know that the judge could have fined him less if he so chose but i guess the judge wanted to make an example
Interesting interpretation of the laws fi real. Heavy fine...wonder what brain he was thinking with when he did this :)
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