Friday, April 29, 2005


50 Pretty People

Brad and Angelina top list

Jamie Foxx,Dwayne Wade and Usher and no Morris Chestnut?

I think that is misnamed. instead of beautiful people it should be called "people in the public eye that we think look good" cause there is probably a bunch of unknown people who a hell of alot better lookin than those guys.

and another thing who decides who is beautiful? its all rather subjective cause i doan think oprah look nuhhow but she mek the list
Oprah is beautiful for a woman of 51.Have always loved her hair but can't be bothered to wear mine so.But even in the public eye some of them choices baffling.How Jamie Foxx make a top 50?
Well you know once you have Oscar sitting on your nightstand that you will make the Peoples list wheather you look good or not.
I never can understand the Hype with Usher or Byoncé.

Ok now, Kami..Oprah has a beautiful personality and her works are beautiful, but have you ever seen the natural her? What's so beautiful about that. Yes, we will admit that her mane is her crowning glory, but the rest of her leaves a lot to be desired. Note, I ein playa hating on her though.
I don't see how Morris Chestnut didn't make the list...he is one sexy man. Did Denzel make it?
Not sure about Denzel but it would be criminal if he is not there.He should make every single list!
Which part of Julia Roberts is beautiful? Thats what I'd like to know! She looks like a real plain jane to me, in any company, but especially when she is named in company like the 49 other people on the list! Ok, so maybe she looks better than Oprah, but not by much!
Must be Julia's smile
I thought you said you did not care about celebrity lifestyles.
Apparently you don't know what is the meaning of lifestyle.
Cho...celebrity media hype. Dr. D.
Abeni, yuh nuh know seh Oprah hair a WIG AND WEAVE....BWAH HA HA. Was at work on the weekend and wrote a story bout her...dis weekend she a tell white people seh she in HAIR HEAVEN.

bwah hahaha

I cosign with j-did. "people in the public eye". How is flat lipped Julia Roberts pon di cover again.


And that Dywane Wade...dem nuh spell di bwoy name right. AND HE AIN'T CUTE (news flash)

I thought that hair was all hers.Stupid me eh! And yeah Dwayne Wade is not all that
ANgelina is very nice looking :)
sad to see that Natalie is not at the top though
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