Friday, March 18, 2005


The world of Politics

Politics is a real strange thing eh.Take the case of St Lucia where Sir John Compton resigned and handed over his party's leadership to Vaughan Lewis.The Vaughan Lewis led party subsequently lost two elections and now Mr Compton at age 79/80 is back out of retirement and once again leading his party.What a backward step taken by the UWP!

A few weeks ago Sir James Mitchell,incidentally a cousin of Compton was at his party convention here in SVG.Like Compton he had handpicked his successor who went on to lose at the polls.Thankfully, Sir James has not decided to come out of his retirement..well not yet.

There must be something about being in power that makes these politicians reluctant to leave.Then they set themselves up as a saviour and really believe that the country cannot prosper without their input.Politicians are really a strange breed.

its all about the power. maybe the caribbean will have to do like the US and say after you serve two terms as PM you cant be PM no more
JDid hit it on the head. We need to revise our systems to accomodate growth. As it is now a PM could be there for life. It needs to be a case of not just out of power after 2 years but out of the system so as to minimise the level of influence they can exert over a successor. Power is the driving force behind politics. Our Mr. Seaga looks like a fish out of water these days.
"Politicians are a strange breed..."

You said it all right there, Sis.
They love power too much to ever contemplate the two terms rule.
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