Tuesday, March 29, 2005



Am 100% sure that question is going through the minds of Indonesians.Then, they must be wondering what kind of God would stand by while another disaster threatens to disrupt their lives once again.Thankfully,no tsunamis were triggered off-thank God for small mercies.However,there are no answers to those types of questions-at least none that can satisfy.

But,whenever disaster strikes it is always our first instinct to question God.I don't know the answers but suffice it to say that God never gives us more than we can bear.Funny concept to come to grips with especially with the loss of a loved one.Yes,at times it can be unbearable and nothing,even the most well meaning words can comfort.Remember even Jesus asked God to take the cup away from him.But,God's will has to be done even though we cannot understand the purpose.

Life,they say is never about just good times but is a mixture of good mixed with bad.Hopefully,the bad times make us stronger as we have to dig deep to find the strength to go on.Having said all that I cannot even begin to fathom the sense of helplessness and grief that those people are feeling. After all it was just a mere three months ago that their lives were disrupted and were now in the process of getting lives back on track.Wouldn't that just make you want to quit?

But,I suppose you go on because the strength of the human spirit forces you to.And with time the grief and pain becomes easier to bear.Stay strong Indonesians.

Yes, you are right....things happen in life that do make us question God. We are only human.. Dr. D.
Hi Kami, It makes humans wonder indeed. These kind of things put you on the edge. Every little noise is enough to send you into panic.
yep, we do ask why when things seem to continually happen. i guess maybe its a test from god like how he did Job . who knows.
i think it's a test of our faith. we have to be strong. thanks for te support!
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