Monday, March 28, 2005


Things I wish would be invented

Fun things i.e,not the serious things like cures for HIV,cancers etc.Those are a given.

1. Top of the list is disposable clothes....Absolutely hate anything to do with washing and it doesn't help that I do it by hand.With disposable clothes the ironing problem is also eliminated.

2.The opposite to the microwave.Haven't come up with a name yet but you should be able to pop a drink in and get it chilled in seconds.Beats having to go get some ice.

3.A time machine.I always thought it was cool to get in a machine and be propelled either in the past or the future.

4.More male contraceptives.We have the female condom,how about the male pill?

5.A perm that would last more than 6 weeks.

6.A device similar to the tv remote that would mute people you don't want to hear

7.Something to duplicate the buzz on a mosquito,would be good to drive people crazy

8.Toys that would put themselves away

9.A chip that would erase what you don't want to remember

10.Mind reading device

11.Something to make you invisible

i've always wanted a transporter like on star trek and the ability to walk through walls
#6 is a classic....Love it...

But I want to invent the automatic food cooker, like on the Jetsons...just name the food and appears...
Yeah,automatic food cooker is a must
Hi Kami, Right now I need an automatic knowledge transfer system and an automatic assignment doer. Help out a brotha nuh.
Need an automatic worker too come to think of it.
People need to really make a time mechine!!!
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