Monday, March 21, 2005


Thank God it's Monday

Don't worry,am not going crazy.But come Thursday it is school break for two glorious weeks.No more classroom until April 11th, so it's all good.The last two weeks or so have been really hectic with writing exams,marking papers and doing reports.Am not quite done as yet but things are more under control so I can breathe easier.This term I have seen slight improvements in some of the students but most of the time it is still an uphill challenge. These students never fail to amaze with their behaviour,value system etc.Many times I am shocked at the things that come out their mouths and am not that much older than some of the older ones.Sometimes,it just seems as if you have already lost this generation of children.Kinda sad but true.

The cricket confusion continues along its merry path.Chanderpaul replaces Lara as the new capt for the first test in Guyana(if there is a test at all).Most people expect the second string team to be totally outplayed and outclassed which means they really don't have anything to lose.We all will be watching to see how they fare and if the South Africans can lengthen their domination of West Indian teams.But,am almost sure there are more twists and turns to happen before that first test on March 31st. So everybody buckle up and enjoy the ride.

enjoy your monday then
Oh you wicked and evilous person telling us slaves to corporate life about your upcoming break with such glee and happiness in your writing. :)
I not speaking to you until you get back to work. then maybe I'll consider it.
Have a great day.
Enjoy your teachers deserve all you can get.

What subjects do you teach Kami.

I'm completating teaching if and when I return to the Carribean.

Maths and Geography.
Enjoy!!! I'm sure its a much needed break!
Funny how even college (non-professional) athletes in the states can spill Gatorade and Mountain Dew all over their Reebok shirt, Nike shoes and Fubu pants, on national TV, while getting out of their Escalade and into their Hummers, on their way to film a Pepsi commercial and then a hip-hop vide... all while nobody cares... but our guys' have to take what they get or else... smells like colonialist sh*t... or kickbacks…
Anyway… have fun on break…
I think you're right, the story isn't done yet re this cricket sponsorship business... It'll definitely involve us getting our asses kicked by the South Africans though...
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