Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Telephone Manners

Running to answer the telephone only to hear the click as some one hangs up on you is really annoying.Or when you pick it up and the person on the other end wants to know who is speaking.I don't have a problem with being sked to identify myself in a work setting.But if you call a private # there is no need to be asking who is speaking.Just plain bad manners.

Recently,our phone line has been getting a new breed of callers.I was going to say am getting a new breed of callers but I cannot personalise it as am not sure the calls were meant for me exclusively.Ever so often when I answer the phone there has been a "breather" on the other end.No words,just the heavy breathing sounds or moans.Flattering,I suppose depending on how much you want to stretch it:).But seriously,it goes beyond an annoyance to plain old disgusting. Real strange the way some people get their kicks eh? It really does take all types to make this world of ours turn.

Right now having a caller hang up in your ear doesn't seem that bad at all.

I thought i tell ya not ta gi ya numba ta dat boy devin :-)
Now you have a secret admirer.. spokky... If I were you, I would be very careful.. after hearing strangers moans.. Thats spooky!What if you get calls from devil??!?? hehe.. hey inform the cops and move safely ok.
stalker, breather...hmmmmm....a little secret life somebody isn't telling the rest of us about? You seem to be attracting all types.
On a serious note, be careful. Nuff crazy a$$es out there.
ok ok...i admit....it was me....sorry....
interesting...only last week the same thing happened to me. a woman calls and in her rudest tones wants to know who speaking. I asked her, who she wants to speak with, she gets upset, mumbled a few cuss and slam down de fone in my ear. I was waiting fuh she tuhdial de wron numba again and leggo two Bajan rholes in she...

Next time de heavy breather call, play along wid he, and breath heavy too, and add yuh own grunts and sounds....ley he know dat he messing wid de wrong person.
I guess we've all had our fair share of "breathers"...although i'd rather a breather than a scene out of the movie PhoneBooth.
Mo,anything is preferable to that Phonebooth scene!Chilling movie that was.

lol@Camp,I'd be laffing so much my breathing scene won't work

Jdid,Devin is a gentleman
I like the way Campfyah thinks... breathe back at the eediat yes!
I cannot stand when people call MY damn phone and demand me to identify myself!! That's when they get that good old tongue lashing.
weird clan these breathers. the Hang-up crew however always get me into trouble. "can you tell your hoes to stop calling the house". worse is when the H-crew start hanging up on me as well. must be a test run. spooky.
Agree about the breathing back.

If they keep up the rubbish ask the phone company to change your number and get it unlisted. Sick people. Dr. D.
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