Monday, March 14, 2005


National Heroes Day

Today,March 14th is National Heroes Day and we honour the life of Joseph Chatoyer.Earl "Ole George" Daniel is on course to achieve his goal of walking six days continously without sleep.Actually,he has already beaten the world record of 5 days 10 hrs but is currently extending it to the 6 day mark.At about 6 pm this evening every body would be heading to Heritage Square complete with flags to celebrate with Ole George.Nuff respect Ole George.

Addendum:Earl Ole George Daniel and Joel Butcher walked into the Guinness Book Of Records when they completed their 6 day walk around 6.45 pm this evening.My apologies for not mentioning Joel before but nobody knew if he was expected to finish the course.Congrats guys!

Hope you have your flag ready to go. You should have walked with the guy for a while though. You can make up for it by cheering him on at the finish :)
How many heroes do you have in SVG? You linked to one are there others?
I did the next best thing i.e followed him by car:)Only one hero with the debate continuing as to who else they should name.Yup am going to the Square minus flags though.So I think I will have to find something yellow,blue or green to wear.
ya mean you couldnt walk with the guy for 2 minutes. cuhdear!
Cho! Walking is too boring, you hear! Tell your detractors "If its not running, its nothing!, If they had been running, I'd have run with them, but walking? Cho!".
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