Tuesday, March 15, 2005


My greatest moment

Another random topic chosen for me by a friend.Well,this one is really easy because nothing compares to the day I got my Common Entrance Results.

First up,it was my second attempt at the dreaded Common Entrance having failed my first outing in another Caribbean island.And most of us know that the Common Entrance determines what school you get into if any at all.So plenty hopes and dreams are usually riding on taking this one exam that sort of determines your future as young as age 10 in some instances.

Anyway I moved back to St Vincent in September,1990 not doing as well as I ought to.I had regressed so badly that no body thought I even had any chance of making it to a good school.There was even a joke making the rounds at home that they would just take off the top of my overall and I would have the skirt to go to my new school in Sept.Now the colour of my uniform was synonymous with one the low ranked schools.For my part,I wanted to go to the top school and nothing else would do.Why should I break family tradition by going elsewhere? I had to go to the school everybody went to or I was lesser.Such was the reasonings of an eleven yr old.

Because I was so far behind my aunt organised for me to get extra lessons.To tell the truth I hated most of it especially writing compositions at which I was awful.But there was no rest for the wicked so work I had to.Then came the day we had worked towards and I felt I had done good enough to achieve my goal but very few believed me.

Finally,results came and I remember the fear I felt as I walked to school.I actually stopped and leant up against a wall to scared to actually go further.Then this family friend saw me and asked what was the matter.I told him my aunt had said if I failed I was not to come home.He said I must know that my aunt was joking with me and I should run along and get my results.So I got the courage to go the final yards,went into my classroom and collected my slip.With trembling hands I opened it and saw I had passed,not only passed but passed with flying colours.

I remember running straight to my aunt's office,bursting through the doors and climbing up on her shouting that I was going to High School.I think for a moment she was too stunned to react but soon she was rejoicing with me.I had done it,we had done it.If I could have bottled the moment of my greatest triumph I would have.

great story! congrats.

common entrance was a scary time for me too and it was made worse by my dad having an accident the night before.

I had a similar experience to you at A levels. I knew my marks before I got them back. I even went an applied for a job and they asked about my certificates and I said I was getting the exact marks I got two weeks later. Needless to say they didnt believe me.
Hi Kami. Good walk down memory lane. Common entrance was ok for me. My downhill came after that. Look how far you've come though. You do some great writing here.
Thanks Jdid and Scratchie.But seriously Common Entrance is bare torture,ent?Generally,I hate exams and all the pressure that goes with them.
You did very good. So enjoy :) ALways be proud with whatever you do :)
wow....congrats! aren't you a teacher now?
N..Yes,I am.And I actually learnt to spell and put two sentences together:)
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