Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Miss HIV

Beauty Pageant with a twist Can you imagine a show like this in the Caribbean? It just may have the opposite effect.One thing for sure is a pageant like that will draw a massive crowd.The curiousity will be just too much.But I can't be certain it will aid in reducing the stigma.I wonder if it really helped the situation in Botswana as well,

would definetly not work in the caribbean. I think it works in Botswana because of the high percentage of AIDS cases there so knowing someone with the disease ios probably more the rule than the exception. Botswana has the highest AIDS rate in the world 37% of the population has it and life expectancy is now 30 years (check the cia factbook)
Hi Kami, I think I'd be stretching it a bit if I thought they would go for this in this part of the world. Too much stigma still attached.
It not happening here. Frankly I don't agree with the may just get the wrong message across....folks may start to think it is OK to contract the virus! Dr. D.
strange concept. I suppose anything to break the stigma is welcome. good post abeni
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