Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Love yourself

Monday,I had a discussion with someone about self esteem and the way some people are crippled because they think very little of themselves.And today I read this

We have such poor images of ourselves that we have difficulty understanding the good others see in us. When someone gives us a compliment, we are quick to point out what is wrong.When someone supports or encourages us, we remind them of our failures.We play ourselves down to such a degree that others begin to question the faith they have placed in us. This vicious cycle can only lower our already low self esteem. Today is a good time to rethink our thoughts about ourselves. We can accept the compliments we recieve when we give them to ourselves first.We can build our confidence by celebrating our small victories and successes. We can support the faith and trust others have in us by supporting and having faith in ourselves. It all begins with our willingness to acknowledge that we are really fine, just the way we are.Ain't that the truth?

It all comes down to loving one's self and when you do you will honor and treasure yourself more.Honoring means you are not going to put yourself in situations where you end up feeling worse about yourself. It means you make decisions based on what is best for you and not what others want you to do.Am not going to pretend it is an easy task but we owe it to ourselves to try.

Oh so very true Kami.
Not always easy when you are dealing with a tormented past or with the idiots around who insist on telling you how worthless you are.
Not easy at all but is a daily process towards recovery.The thing is you have to want to move from the place where you find yourself.
well said. on the flip side though some folks find in order to feel good about themselves they have to belittle others. I dont like that at all and to me that shows they really aint comfortable with themselves.
Sometimes you will do anything to block your past . You just do not want to remember your past. Present is better than past. And for some by staying for present you stay happy and "luv thyself: ::)
I am guilty as charged. I'm always dogging myself, especially when others are complimentary. I call it modesty, but I know the truth. This was an excellent reminder for me to be good to myself. Thanks.
Thanks for this, Kami. I'm with justme. I have now learned to accept compliments, though. Before I was like "why these people saying such nice things? I'll bet they're gonna look at this blemish, blah blah blah blah."

Now I starting to accept myself. It's hard girl. You're right... it's not easy and it's a daily process. It doesn't help that my two (younger) brothers are always laughing at me when I'm working out (trying to lose weight) or call me "pimple face", when they know it hurts me.

Good points here, Kami. I agree with you wholeheartedly.
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