Wednesday, March 16, 2005



After walking for 6 days continuously Earl "Ole George" Daniel and Joel Butcher have learnt that The Guinness Book of Records will not be recognising their achievement.

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According to a news item a Guinness spokesperson said it it is impossible to compare one person's avhievement against another since terrain,climate,walking speed etc would be different.Sounds stupid if you ask me.But it is quite deflating to hear this especially when the nation was willing them on.

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Tough break guys but respect is still due

the does it, i'm boycotting guinness!
Fraud!!! I think it's a black thing. If you can't compare terrain etc. then why have the old record in there in the first place. I would think that it's the feat and the time that would be of essence.
FRAUD.....TIEF....EEEDIAT TING DAT! (I need to go back to common entrance to learn to spell don't it?)
Y'all echoing the sentiments of people here.The situation is dominating the airwaves
Wow, that's pure nonsense, guy. How dem do di people dem suh? But they can record longest hockey game up here inna Canada.

chuh man, eediat ting dat, yes!

Abeni, were they walking for a cause? Raising any $?
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Soli,they had set out to break the record for longest continuous walk without sleep( 5 days 10 hrs).Last year they had done a 3 and a half day walk for HIV Awareness.
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