Friday, March 25, 2005


Good Friday

Today is the day we remember the crucifixion of Jesus and it is also a day of traditions.For starters it is a day that meat is not eaten and I never really got a plausible explanation as to why this is so.Yesterday, my friend told me it has to do with shedding of blood which is symbolic of Jesus shedding his blood for us.Therefore, in honour of that we stay away from meat-makes sense I suppose.Anyway,the traditional Good Friday lunch would consist of either mackerel,saltfish or fresh fish as the meat substitute with breakfast being some cross buns.Yesterday,this Jamaican girl told me that cooking on Good Friday is not part of their customs which highlights how different islands have different customs.

Then there are the superstitions like putting the white of an egg in a glass with the shape it takes suposedly determining your future.Yesterday,the buzz in Kingstown was that the volcano may erupt as some areas of the island had a sulphur smell and given that the last eruption took place on a Good Friday there is a lot of paranoia to go around.

At church this morning there was this thought provoking sermon.The theme was would you have said Jesus or Barrabbas if you were part of the crowd.I want to think I would have kept quiet,but i don't know.Think on it and Happy Easter.

Well althought I did eat some form of meat this morning for breakfast, we did have the traditional fish and bread for lunch. So it was some fried flying fish, fresh baked bread and salada....later this evening we will gather as a family and read the story of the cruixifiction
oppsss spelled crucifixion wrong...can'g have that
Hi Kami, A peaceful Easter Seasson to you and your family. I always wonder about those kind of questions but we never know the answers until placed in the situation I guess.
Good Friday to you too
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