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Condoms in Prison?

I meant to post this yesterday but it was impossible to log on to Blogger.Anyway,the condoms in prison debate has been heating up the airwaves for the past week with quite diverse views.There are those who view any move by the authorities to introduce this measure as ungodly and promoting homosexuality.The other side's argument is centered around health concerns and the need to lessen the infection rates given that homosexual behaviour is a feature of prison life.

As far as am concerned condoms should have already been distributed in prison.It is no secret that homosexual behaviour occurs in prisons and neither is it any secret about the presence of HIV/AIDS behind the prison walls.At least one person has died of HIV while incarcerated and God knows how many more infected ones are presently a part of the prison population.

While we argue about the morality of it all we also have to look at measures aimed at curbing homosexual behaviour.Do we have the resources to build a prison that would give the over 300 inmates their own cell? Are we ready to explore the possibilty of introducing conjugal visits? And what if your partner is a male,would a conjugal visit be allowed? I can see the population screaming loud No's to the above questions.

So isn't it a lot cheaper to provide the condoms and forget about the morality issue?Morality issues,while fine are not going to prevent infection rates and when these inmates return to society with possible infections the problem becomes greater.Given the problem of high infection rates we have in this island I say what lessens it must be worth a try.

Your thoughts?

This is one of those catch 22 situations. Damned if you do damned if you don't. I'm on the fence where this is concerned. If I had to choose I'd go with giving them out cuz I really don't see how you going to stop the sexual activity.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Same argument about giving condoms or pills to kids. If you give them are you endorsing teenage sex? If you don't you could end up with a pregnant daughter or kids with aids.
Simple answer NO!

Long answer hire more security guards or police man or such if neccessary. Put more money in social education trying to reduce crime in the first place. And most importantly, make guilty people work more so that sex is the last thing in my mind!
I meant "sex is the last thing in THEIR mind! " sorry! Typos... :P

Tough one. damned if you do damned if you dont I guess. For me though I'm going with No. Maybe its a homophobic response but its sort of like the give clean needles to junkies idea. We're not really solving the problem just putting a bandaid on it.

Plus I dont think taxpayers money should be going into condoms for lawbreakers

mind you I still see your point.
Hey everybody,I get what y'all saying but you have to weigh it and see what is better of the two "evils".Condoms vs antiretroviral drugs?Mind you I don't think oor politicians will be bold enough to do it
I don't even know if this page is even active, but as far as the statement about paying for condoms for criminals, it's not just the inmates that get's the 10, 20, even hundreds of women that they will have sexual contact with after they get out of prisn that the condoms will also protect. I agree..we need some social education and it is beneficial for the "guilty" to work, but no matter WHAT is done, people will find a way to have sex while they are in prison, whether you think it is right or wrong. And I agree with the post by abeni, that antiretroviral drugs and the financial drain on hospitals and the state from un- or under- insured people seeking medical attention for PREVENTABLE illnesses is far more costly than a even a million latex condoms.
i agree with amy people do not look at the big picture people outside of prisons have sexual contact with people in prison and the people who do have sexual contact with people in prison can contract aids and still go sleep with people outside of prison until its all one big chain soon everyone will have aids and it will affect you some day so id rather give money to provide people with condoms so i wont get aids. no one cares until it affects them and thats a damns shame
I lil bit too late, but YOU ARE SO WRONG.

First of all, i dont condemn homosexuality, whatever, but, rape is an act of violence, can you tell me 100% sure how many persons on jail are willing to have sex?

Its clearly that the problem isn´t about gay people, and, if the problem is about money, then thats a different problem, and the "ladies" on prison must not pay the price, ¿Would you like someone rape you and tell you "Hold on, let me use condom?

Maybe am late also, but i am truly astonished my such comments am seeing from people who are against condoms in the prison...The only point most of u have is morality of it all, and not wanting to contribute your taxes to provide the condoms. I must say, i am against homosexuality, but at the same time, i dont want my husband or whoever am dealing with go to prison, come back, sleep with me and i end up with the virus. I understand many of you against it all, but if its to protect your friend, family and love one..provide the damn comdoms in the correctional facilities to prevent our people from contracting this dangerous virus. Stop thinking one way and think both ways. At first i was aginst it but now i can look at it and see that distributing condoms in prison will deffinitely help them..Not only them, but the outsiders to....Think about it people...Prison life is public life...many dont get life in prison, that means they must come back out to the public world, and when they do..there coming with the virus to pass it on...
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