Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Honor thy mother and thy father

That your days may be long.Of all the commandments,this is the only one with a promise attached.So,I conclude that it is a very serious directive.My understanding of honoring is firstly paying respect and secondly looking out for their welfare.

Therefore,I find a current situation in my extended family to be extremely ridiculous.Coping with mental illness is never an easy task but with a little bit more understanding and tact certain situations could be avoided.Not because one's mother is mentally ill is a license to be abusive and nasty to her.Neither should you feel comfortable watching your husband be abusive to your mother.For crying out loud,show some maturity and treat the woman like a human being.It is the least one can do.And if you find you have bitten off more than you can chew with respect to her care,then make some alternative living arrangements.It is not exactly rocket science.

I hope if I ever find myself in a situation where I have to look after my parents that I would have the strength to do it properly.At times,my mother and I do not have the best of relationships but I would like to think that I would rise to the occasion if I have to.After all,I gotta do what I have to.

Kami, long days attached to that commandment but some kids sufferin' an' don't want no long days, though they don't have de guts ta end their own days, so they prob'ly dishonourin' everybody hopin' for a lightning-bolt to shorten them days. It takes a lot more patience than many people have to care for de mentally ill, an' relatives ov 'mental' folk are sometimes temperamental too. Luckily, mi Grandma was as sane as they come. Ah shoulda done better carin' for her, but ah made some mistakes along de way--as a teenager that happens. I'll try to do well by mi uncle if & when he's older. Ah fink you'll do well at carin' for your folks.
nice post consisdering this is the beginnin g of the lent season. Mental illness in the Caribbean is not treated as an illness but more like a crime, hence the bad treatment of thoose who are suffering from freinds and mostly family.

I know it is my and my siblings duty to care for our mother if or when she becomes too frail, old or ill to care for herself. It´s your right as a child. She cared for you in your youth and your should care for her or at least provide the appropriate care through specialized services.

But you know what Abeni, most people don't know those same commandments, so therefore they can't follow them.
Taking care of parents is hard. I watched my do it for almost 10 years, before she had to get a home healthcare nurse to come in daily.
I watched my relatives care for my bedridden grandfather.It was no bed of roses(I can appreciate that now am older) but they never mistreated him.I realise it can be overwhelming too but the abuse I just can't take.
I've seen this happen to many times Abeni (are you Abeni or Kami?). Anyhow, it sucks when you see people mistreating others, especially if there are family and even worse when they have illness. I've seen these things in my own family at times, and I despize it greatly...after all, were we not put here to be helpers of our fellow man?
Am both:)
deep post.
goes without saying. honor thy mother and thy father.
You're right. Gotta do what you gotta do. In a situation like this which i hope doesnt occur it's not about whether or not i want to but rather that i have to.
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